Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoning Out Week: Adepticon Blood Angels Team

Of all the various space marine chapters, the chapter of choice for me has been the Blood Angels. I like the imagery of marines equipped with jump packs, descending upon the enemy. As the chapter continues to include more angelic symbolism, I find this chapter to be an interesting option for a kill team.

Having decided that I would be developing a jump pack themed team, I knew I would be required to purchase the ‘Death from Above’ theme. This particular theme allows me to have more than two jump infantry models at the cost of 10 points and the force committing 75% of its points to such troop types. It is a cool theme, but as I built the list, meeting the 75% requirement was a bit of a challenge.

In a sense, this is the most unoriginal of my themes as it is similar to the themes I discussed earlier in the week. The reason I went with it though was I really like the idea of a death company marine chained to keep him from rampaging while being guarded by two marines equipped to contain their brother.

Sanguinary Guard w/ Refractor 50 pts
Death Company w/ Power Weapon and Jump Pack 50 pts
Vanguard Veteran w/ Jump Pack, Power Weapon, and Storm Shield 68 pts
Vanguard Veteran w/ Jump Pack, Power Weapon, and Storm Shield 68 pts
Death from Above Theme 10 pts

This army is about closing the distance very fast and hitting hard. The squad has a certain degree of survivability, but cannot weather any kind of firefight. Of the lists I am proposing this week, I would speculate that this one would have the greatest trouble winning games.

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