Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Screaming Down to Bloomington: Part One

This series is dedicated to my upcoming journey to a legendary place called Gryfalia's Aerie in Bloomington, Illinois. I will be attending the WFB tournament being held at the store and hosted by the crew from the Waaagh Cast. If you have not heard of the Waaagh Cast, it is a podcast from central Illinois hosted by Chuck and crew that covers the WFB scene in their area and the Midwest.

The tournament is based on the rules for the upcoming WFB Championship at Adepticon (click here for details). I will not be playing in this tournament at Adepticon, so I figured this would be a chance for me to stretch my wings and play at a point size that I usually don’t explore. Since they are using the Adepticon rules, that means I need to have an army that is 2200 points, has no special characters, and uses the Indy GT Dogs of War book.

When I made the decision to attend, I was still running under the idea that I was using the GW pdf version of the DoW rules, so I expected to have a fully painted army (RoR were a great point sink using those rules). Once the decision was made to use the Indy GT rules instead, I concluded that I was not going to attempt to paint enough stuff to make up the point costs, so I am going in with unpainted toys. Not a huge deal according to the locals, but we shall see once I get there. Either way, my initial intention was not to show up with the goal of winning anything, so regardless of whether or not my army is fully painted, my true intentions are unchanged.

When it comes to attending, I have a pretty clear set of goals that I am looking to achieve at the tournament.

1. I wanted to go have some fun playing my Dogs of War in a casually competitive and organized environment.
2. I want to give 8th edition a spin at a point size larger than 2000 points. I don’t hide the fact that I find games over 2000 points to be boring and slow, but this may be a chance to change my opinion.
3. I would like to meet some of the folks that I have had conversations with on various forums.
4. It never hurts to self-promote, so I want to use this trip as an opportunity to share my excitement and passion for Invasion Kenosha. My hope is that this will entice a few folks from the area to make the drive up for a day of fun in Kenosha county.

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