Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fantasy Thursdays: Golgfag and the Cheddar Bowl

Cheddar Bowl IV
Two days of great Warhammer fun in Titletown, WI
March 5th and 6th, 2011
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay Campus
Phoenix Room B
2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, WI, 54311

As of the writing of this article, the breakdown for the tournament looks like this:

1. Miel Vermullen, Milwaukee, WI-Vampire Counts (Free Admission!)
2. John Gaszak, Kenosha, WI-Ogres (*)
3. Abe Warpinski, La Crosse, WI-Brettonia
4. Sean Carreros, Milwaukee, WI-Daemons of Chaos (Free Admission!)
5. Matt Herrbold, Appleton, WI-Skaven
6. Matt Jayjack, Appleton, WI-Orcs and Goblins
7. Paul Wagner, Madison, WI-Warriors of Chaos
8. Danny Seaton, Milwaukee, WI-Lizardmen
9. Matthew Koopman, Madison, WI-Wood Elves (*)
10. Eric Lenz, Milwaukee, WI-Warriors of Chaos (*)
11. Mike Gerold, Minnesota-Brettonians
12. Kevin Bruins, Decorah, Iowa-Undecided
13. Zach Lambe, Milwaukee-Vampire Counts
14. Chris Desancts, Milwaukee-Skaven
15. Dave Bednarek, Milwaukee-Wood Elves
16. Ben Cone, Madison-Orcs and Goblins
(*) Indicates that the entry fee had been paid for the tournament.

Overall, the mixture of armies is decent and about what I would expect. I am surprised to see no dwarves or empire, but between the undecided player and another month before the event, a couple of those armies may slip in. I am also impressed to see two wood elf armies, as the general internet scuttle about them has not been positive since the release of 8th edition.

Looking at the actual list of players, you have some of the best that Wisconsin has to offer attending this event. Eric Lenz and Dave Bednarek are well known in these parts for their skills on the battlefield. In the case of Eric, I am surprised to read that he is bringing WoC to the tournament, as he is usually known to field dark elves.

Between the list of players and armies, I am glad that I have decided to forego magic, as I feel it would have been a waste of my points trying to construct any kind of list that could actually accomplish much in the magic phase. This means that most games will be a race against the clock to get my forces into the enemy’s lines before the big nasty spells wipe them out. On the positive side, the lack of magic should garner me some extra sportsmanship points.

The challenge at this point is getting prepared for the tournament and playing a few games with the tournament scenarios. I have to admit that the tournament being a two day event is starting to weigh heavily on me. Tony, the TO, really puts a lot of effort into his events, so I am certain that it will be a good show. That said though, I have been traveling a lot for work and school, and don’t really know if I want to spend another weekend away from the family. I’ll need to decide soon whether or not I want to invest the time, till that point though, I will continue to prep as if I am going.

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