Friday, August 24, 2012

Episode 4 - Electric Demons

Finally, the fourth episode of the Unstable Dice Podcast is available for download.  In this episode, John and special guest Chuck from the Waaaghcast discuss the new Daemons of Chaos.  They also review some of the tournaments coming up in August and how they are preparing for them.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Battle Report: Necrons vs Orks (1000 Points)

It had been many years since the Necrons had returned to the K’Enosha sector. Since that time, the orks had settled into a routine of watching grot produced fireworks displays and raising miniature squigs with massive mohawks. They had forgotten what it meant to face the purple menace. 

In this battle report, Ernie and I face each other in the first of a series of games intended to teach us 40k 6th edition. Before the start of the game, we agreed that we would only use the basic rules and not include any flyers, psykers or fortifications. We also decided to set the game at 1000 points as not to overwhelm ourselves with a massive first battle under the new edition.

Ernie’s List
Warboss on bike
3 Nobz on a bike
Ork commandos
Trukk with boyz
Zzap guns

John’s List
Necron Overlord w/ voidblade
3 Crypteks w/ tremor staffs
10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Warriors
3 Scarab Swarms
1 Tomb Spyder
1 C’tan w/ Writhing Worldscape & Time Arrow

Early Rounds

Ernie began the game by moving forward his bikers and trukk and then following it up with a few shots from his Zzap guns. I responded in my turn by pushing a little forward and losing an immortal to a sabotaged objective. The second turn saw Ernie continue to advance and bring his ork commandos onto the table. On my second turn, my C’tan assaulted the Dethdread while the scarabs flew into the Zzap guns. The dread stood strong, but the grot manned weapons were chased from the table. Photobucket
Middle Rounds
The middle of game revolved around Ernie attempting to charge my forces and me holding them back via good rounds of overwatch shooting. By the time we ended turn 4, Ernie only had his one unit of boyz holding the objective left on the table. We decided to call it a game at this point. Photobucket
The game ended with my necron’s winning 5 to 3. After the game, Ernie and I discussed how things could have gone differently and how if he had brought a single flyer I would have likely been gunned down. We also got a good laugh at the boxing match between the Dethdread and C’tan.

Looking back on the game a week later, I feel I also got lucky with the fact that Ernie didn’t bring more long range shooting. He played his orks like a true warboss, but if could have sat back a little more, I would have been stuck footslogging my way across the battlefield. I also think that I got some really good rounds of overwatch shooting that hindered him from assaulting me. Overall, it was a tight game that taught us both a lot about the new edition.