Saturday, December 31, 2011

With 2011 Coming to a Close...

With 2011 coming to a close, I wanted to reflect briefly on the adventures of the Coin Collectors. It was an exciting year for the army as it travelled around Wisconsin and Illinois, taking part in tournaments, leagues, and campaigns. While my successes were few, fewer still were the times in which I didn’t enjoy myself playing my favorite army in Warhammer. I think people appreciated getting to play against such an uncommon force and it was a wise decision in the Midwest to embrace the Indy GT list and allow such a neglected army a continued place on the battlefield.

Looking at how my army functioned in 2011, clearly the Marksmen Of Miragliano were the focus of any force I fielded. The ability to ignore the penalty for long range and BS 4 meant that they could quickly reduce enemy units to a more manageable size. Including a character with drillmaster and a wizard with the lore of fire or metal (I prefer metal), means that these guys were able to deal with pretty close to anything if they had the time and range.

Vespero’s Vendetta was another unit that I always included in my lists, but unlike the Marksmen, Vespero rarely proved its worth on the battlefield. In part, I believe this was due to the way I used them. However, I would also contribute some of their performance on the skirmishing rules and the need for a better set of rules for the unit. 125 points for 5 models that don’t really do anything special can only be justified by getting to see those classic sculpts. Since I like promoting myself, check out an article I wrote on my blog about how to create a better Vespero’s Vendetta unit using generic duelists and an elf hero.

As I prepare for 2012, my general approach when it comes to Dogs of War will be to break the list. Since I am working on two other armies which are more “friendly”, I have decided to take my dogs into the realm of obscene. Along these lines, I anticipate bulking up the Marksmen to a ridiculous number of models in an attempt to create the shooting army that people fear but never truly see on the battlefield (maybe with the exception of the Khalida and 89 archer insanity that tore the internet apart). I also expect to play with a few of the special characters in the book to create some interesting combos and loopholes. At the same time, I look to take the army in a direction that allows it to be played as an empire army without the need to swap out most of my finished units.

Looking at my schedule for 2012, my first tournament of the year will be Waaagh Aeries IV on Jan 14th. Than in February, I will be attending Da Snotling 1000 tournament in La Crosse, Wisconsin. What army I will field for this tournament will depend on how much I have finished for Adepticon, as I plan on fielding Ogres in one of the two 1000 point tournaments. After Da Snotling, the last tournament on my schedule is Adepticon 2012. I am playing in both 1000 point tournaments and expect to field DoW in one of them. What will be in my Adepticon list will depend on how my painting schedule works out for the first quarter.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Around the Net: More Fimirs!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Around the Net: Warhammer Forge Sneek Peek - Fimir!

It is officially a Fimir.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

@1000 Points, Which is Better?

A simple question that I hope will generate some ideas for me...

@ 1000 points, which is better?

1 Gorger & 1 Ironblaster


1 Stonehorn

I would love to read the reason behind why people would select one choice over another. Also, those are the two choices, I am not considering other options for this situation.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Around the Net: Warhammer Forge Sneek Peek

Received this image via email today. My bet is it is a Fimir.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Images from Invasion Kenosha III

Invasion Kenosha III Overall Champion - Greg D. (Guess who he is in the picture below)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Necron Codex Unit Review: Lychguard

Of the new units in the necron codex, the Lychguard has been one of the more fascinating ones for me. In particular, I really like the option of arming these guys with dispersion shields as I find the new models very appealing and the rules for them fluffy and fun. Driven by this interest in them, I wanted to explore how I would potentially use them on the battlefield.

Generally speaking, the biggest challenge when fielding these guys seems to be the point cost of them. At over 200 points for just 5 of them with shields, fielding them in any real numbers can be difficult unless they are intended to be the focal point of the army. Even as the center of it, they are still expensive enough that any supporting units need to be selected carefully. Bottom line is that for the cost, these guys cannot be treated as a throwaway unit.

Another interesting thing about Lychguard is that they can be armed with either a warscythe, granting them +2 Str power weapon in CC, or a power weapon and the before mentioned dispersion shield. The dispersion shield is an interesting option as it gives the model a 4+ invulnerable save and can reflect shooting attacks stopped by the invulnerable save at another enemy unit within 6” of it. Not a game breaking ability, but one that can have an impact and potentially cause an opponent to second guess whether or not to target them. Between the two choices, I believe the PW/shield option is the better choice since each model has Str 5 and 2 attacks, thus wounding most things they should target on a 3+. The warscythe seems more suited for monster/vehicle hunting, something that I feel the Lychguard would perform poorly at on the battlefield.

Elite Strike Force

One approach that I intend to experiment with is using a reasonably sized unit (6 – 8 models) of Lychguard as an elite strike force in games at or below 1500 points. In these types of games, I would likely mount them in a Night Scythe for increased mobility and a little extra protection before deployment. Once deployed, I believe my primary tactic would be to use them to contest objectives that my scoring units would be incapable or less likely to capture.

When it comes to using lychguard in this fashion, I anticipate the biggest challenge being when their Night Scythe is destroyed before they are deployed into position. I like that the Night Scythe rules allow for the unit to return to reserves, but depending on when this happens, I could find the Lychguard to be useless because of their location on the battlefield.

The Reflective Wall of Difficult Choices

Another approach I am interested in trying is to use multiple units of Lychguard as a barrier between large units of warriors and immortals that would be marching behind them. My tactic here would be to push forward with everything until my shooting units are within the magical 24” range of their weapons. At this point, the Lychguard would continue to move forward and engage the enemy as needed. I like this approach to using Lychguard in bigger games as I feel their ability to be an elite killing unit diminishes as more big stuff floods the table.

Overlords & Royal Court Characters

When it comes to including a model from the royal court options, I think it would be useful to include a Necron Lord with a Rez Orb in each unit of Lychguard in order to increase their survivability and maybe add to their damage output in CC. I don’t think any of the Cryptek options would be ideal, but I could see using one with the Veil of Darkness as an alternative approach. Finally, when it comes to including an overlord with them, I can see the pros and cons either way and think it really depends more on how the overlord will be used than the actual presence of the Lychguard. However, with any of these options the overall cost of the combination should weigh heavily into decision of whether or not to attempt it.

Special Operations: Killzone

I am a little behind on my Killzone rules, but I am really considering one of these guys as the centerpiece to a Killzone team. In my experience, Killzone games tend to be close and personal affairs, so the shield's ability to reflect shots seems like it could pay-off quickly. Typically, I don’t believe I would include more than a single model of them, but maybe 2 or 3 with some warriors for support could make for an interesting team.

Ultimately, my goal is to include these guys in some fashion every time I field my necrons. Like Pariahs from the last book, I am simply in love with the idea of them and hope to figure out how to apply them every time they take to the battlefield.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Road to 2012 Begins...

It has been a while since I have done a proper update regarding my Dogs of War army and honestly, until recently I haven’t had anything to discuss.  That changed over the past few weeks as I have officially registered for Adepticon 2012 and the Waaagh Casts January 2012 Tournament.  Prior to registering for the Waaagh Cast Tournament, my plan was to focus on Tomb Kings and Chaos Dwarves for Adepticon, but since the Waaagh Cast Tournament is 2200 points, I knew neither of the mentioned armies would be at a point that they could be fielded at that size, so I returned to my beloved Dogs of War.

One of the first decisions I needed to make was that any preparation for the Waagh Cast tournament would need to pay-off for me at Adepticon as I don’t have the time to work on 3 armies.  This meant that I needed to put the Tomb Kings aside for now as the Chaos Dwarves will also be used in the Team Tournament at Adepticon.  With that decision made, the next one was coming up with a new theme for my Dogs of War army that fits the existing color scheme, but would contain all new models for Adepticon.  The army also needs to be strong and creative to give me a chance at winning another award at the afternoon session of the 1000 point tournament.
To this end, I have decided to dedicate my time to building the cavalry army that I have dreamt about for the last few years.  Generally speaking, I have thrown the idea of such a list around using different army books.  Tomb Kings, Orcs & Goblins, Chaos, and Empire have all been potential options for me when it comes to this theme.  In the end, Dogs of War just seems to be the proper list for this theme as I can do a couple of things that are not possible with the books I have listed (though Lietpold the Black does seem to be another potential solution).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Equinox's Necron Codex Review

Between the new Necron codex and Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, I have had plenty to read on flights this month. While I am still digesting both books, I thought I would share some of my thoughts about the new Necron codex. I have been a long time fan of the necrons, still owning a full size army from back when they were released in second edition. The concept of machine men who could repair on the battlefield and had mysterious motives was just one that grabbed at my imagination. When the full codex was released in 3rd edition, I quickly developed a new color scheme and built a force that fit my approach to the game. I enjoyed playing them for years, but eventually my interest in 40K waned and the necrons went into storage. Now, two editions later and a new book in my hands, I am again exploring whether or not to crank up the Pink Flyod and sing along to “Welcome to the Machine”.

One of the first things noticeable about the new book is that GW was determined to expand every aspect of the necrons. From the fluff, to the models, to the play styles, the necrons have more options than ever before. While in general this was a good idea, the execution could have been better on all accounts. When it came to the fluff (die kitty, die), there are some interesting changes, but the handling of the C’tan was such a swing in the opposite direction from the last book that I found it disappointing. While the changes to the C’tan were disappointing, the changes to how the necrons travel about the galaxy and the idea of the Dolmen Gates was such a huge departure from prior fluff that I found myself angry the first couple times I read it. Outside of those points, I general like the new fluff and think the addition of tomb worlds and different dynasties was a smart one and can only help broaden the appeal of the army.

Moving past the fluff into the actual army list, I felt a sense of subdued excitement as I read each unit. I was happy to see new things, but most of the new stuff felt old already and with the exception of the new flyers and lychguard, nothing that grabbed at me or sung for my attention.

(Side Note: Since I have noticed a recent spike in new followers, I just want to mention that I tend to focus more on what interests me from a modeling or hobby standpoint than an actual tactical one. I do look at and explore tactics, but my first impressions are based more on what makes me want to sit down and paint and write stories than what will win me battles.)

I think the problem for me when it came to most of the new units was that GW didn’t take any real risks with them. What I think I was hoping for were units that were scary, but balanced in some fashion to the old phase out rules. You didn’t have to beat the whole army, just enough to scare them off. I know a lot of people didn’t like phase out, but I always thought it was a very cool army rule and forced me to play differently from other armies. The new units just seem more like an exercise in designing stuff to meet a checklist. Necrons need a couple of transports, check. Necrons need another troop choice, check.

Moving past my initial disappointment, I do admit that I like the new tesla rules. I am toying with ideas on how I can build an army themed around the new weapon type. I also think that the new flyers are very cool, but since they were not part of the first wave of releases, I will hold off on including them until a proper kit is available. Finally, I think the crypteks and lycheguards make for some fun additions and give the army a couple of cool ways to play. I especially like the dispersion shields and cannot wait to use them on the battlefield.

In the end, the necrons are still my favorite army in 40K. The new book gives me more options, even if many of those options are not that exciting for me. I think from a tournament standpoint, the new book is competitive, but more on the scale of the new Dark Eldar book and not the Grey Knights. As a person who likes to design different themed armies, I can see potential with the new book and look forward to developing them as more models are released.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Around the Net: Mangler Squig

Courtesy of 122nd Cadian Blog and the internet.

The Throne of Chaos: Fun References and Allusions

While flying to and from Phoenix last week, I read the new Warhammer Forge book Tamurkhan. While I am still writing my review of the book, I thought it would be fun to post a couple of the fun references and allusions in the book.


1. Cathay: There is a cool story about a Chaos warband attacking a Cathay outpost.
2. Fimir: There are allusions to them during one part of the story.

Around the Net: New Beastmen Models

Courtesy of the Warhammer Fantasy Miniature blog and whomever originally posted the images (cannot find the original source at the moment.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1000 Points Lietpold the Black (The Empire) List

This is my draft list for the PM edition of the Adepticon 1000 point tournament. This is list is designed to use Lietpold the Black as my only character and his rule that allows me to include one core choice from either the Brettonian, Ogre Kingdoms, or Dwarves book. The general idea is that everything has Movement 7 and every model with the exception of Lietpold (which is a breathtaking FW model) will be a conversion.

Lord Choice
Lietpold the Black - 245 points

Knightly Order (9) w/ full command and Steel Banner - 267 points
Ogre Ironguts (6) w/ musician, standard bearer, and Banner of Swiftness - 293 points

Knightly Order (5) w/ great weapons, full command, Inner Circle, and Banner of Eternal Flaming - 180 points

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1000 Points Legion of Azeroth (Chaos Dwarves) List

This is my draft list for the AM edition of Adepticon's 1000 point tournament. My goal with the army is to design it sit back and shoot until the enemy gets close enough that I am forced to engage in close combat. I am avoiding hobgoblins (too many models) or K'daai (no models and too difficult for me to convert), but cannot settle on which warmachines to include to the army. Once I deduct for the Infernal Guard and Daemonsmith (which are set choices for me), I am left with ~467 points.

Daemonsmith Sorcerer (general) w/ dispel scroll [Lore of Metal] - 120 points
Infernal Castellan w/ Standard Bearer - 130 points

Infernal Guard (18) w/ full cmd, Banner of Swiftness & Fireglaives - 413 points

Magma Cannon w/ Hellbound - 170 points
Death Shrieker Rockets w/ Hellbound - 125 points

When it comes to other choices, the Hellcannon and Dreadquake are both >200 points, but could add a huge punch to the army. Hellbound makes the warmachine's attacks magical and increases the number of wounds on the artillery, but it also suffers d3 wounds for each misfire.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Invasion Kenosha IV Update

Based on feedback from this year's event, I am exploring whether or not to return Invasion Kenosha back into a Warhammer Fantasy only convention. If that were to be the case, the schedule of events would look like such.

1600 point Storm of Magic Tournament (3 rounds, 8 player flights)

2000 point Singles Tournament (4 rounds)

2400 point Team Tournament (3 rounds, 2 players per team, 1200 points per player, no lords)

Entry Costs

The price of everything is rising and as much as I hate to raise the cost of entry, I believe I will need to do such for next year. As of right now, I am estimating this would be the cost for entry into each tournament.

1600 Point Storm of Magic Tournament - $10.00 per player

2000 Point Standard Tournament - $20.00 per player

2400 Point Team Tournament - $30.00 per team

All Weekend Pass - $40.00 per player (includes entry into all three tournaments)

As always, I am open to ideas and feedback. I am looking to announce the official schedule and registration dates in late December, so there is still plenty of time to become involved and have a voice in making Invasion Kenosha IV the best convention in Southeast Wisconsin.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Around the Net: 2nd City Warzone Article "Understanding Games Workshop"

A great article written by Nick Baran. Check it out here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Images from Invasion Kenosha III - Part Two

Golden Stein Images

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Around the Net: Ogre Kingdoms Special Characters

Images are courtesy of Darnok and Warseer.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Declaring War on Flatcon (Part 2)

I sometimes don't understand why building an army can be such a stressful event for me. I think it has to do with an underlying fear of me wasting my time and not being satisfied with the end results. Just always seems that I spend weeks stressing over what to paint and then end up rushing at the last minute or dropping out. Well, I think I solved my problem for Flatcon and have become settled on an army that fits with Ernie's and works for me.

Ordo Xeno Inquisitor w/ Conversion Beamer and 3 servo skulls (79 pts)

Inquisition Warband w/ 2 Jokaero and 1 multi-melta servitor (80 pts)
10 Purifiers w/ 4 Falchions, 4 Incinerators, 1 Nemesis Force Staves, Razorback w/ Heavy Flamer and Psyflame (360 pts)

5 Grey Knight Strike Squad w/ 3 Halbred, 1 Daemon Hammer, and 1 Incinerator (145 pts)
5 Grey Knight Strike Squad w/ 3 Halbred, 1 Daemon Hammer, and 1 Incinerator (145 pts)

Heavy Support
5 Purgation Squad w/ 4 Psycannons (180 pts)

Total Points 989 points

Without sharing Ernie's army, my thought process is that I have 2 units that can deal with transports at range, one of which can potentially crack land raiders (AV14). If I split the purifier squad into combat squads, I can load the incinerator combat squad into the razorback and have it travel with Ernie's transports. The other combat squad can remain in cover and defend my two long range squads. Finally, the two strike squads can drop-in where they are needed to support the mounted squads.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Defending Humanity - Invasion Kenosha 3 Article (Part 2)

Defending Humanity has posted the next article in his series on Invasion Kenosha 3.  You can check it out here. I especially like this article because it includes a battle report against my good friend Ernie (Mr. Single Point at a Tournament).

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Declaring War on Flatcon

This seems to be the year that Ernie and I are finally going to make our way to Flatcon for their yearly team tournament. We have talked about it for the past two years, but every year I have something come up that gets in the way. This year looks to be different, so we have decided to risk it all and prepare for war.

The original plan over the past two years has been for both of us to bring Imperial Guard armies. While Ernie has more than completed his side of our joint effort, my ADD has misdirected me on many occasions and hindered me from finish my dream IG force. Since we only have 82 days until this year's tournament, I needed to settle on whether or not I was going to go and what I would be bringing to the battle.

Based on discussions Ernie and I have had since Invasion Kenosha III, here is have been considering for IG.

Command Company w/ Creed, vox caster, 3 plasma guns and 2 body guards = 230 points
The idea is the Creed can issue 4 orders per turn within a 24” range. I want to make sure that I am hitting with my heavy weapons, so I thought it would be wise to add a vox caster so that orders to the units with lascannons & vox casters are more likely to hit. The remaining 3 guardsmen would all be given plasma rifles so that I can take out any threats that get too close to the command unit. The bodyguards are there to keep Creed alive and suck-up wounds.

Veteran Squad w/ Harker, 3 snipers, heavy bolter team and vox caster = 155 points
This is my anti-monstrous creature team. The squad has 2 heavy bolters (Harker carries one) and 3 sniper rifles, which should allow me to target stuff like trygons and carnifexes. Honestly, this is my fluff unit and I only want to take it since I love how the painting came out on it.

Infantry Platoon = 615 points
Infantry Platoon Command w/ missile launcher = 45 points
2 Infantry Platoons with lascannon and vox caster = 75 points each (150 points)
3 Heavy Weapons Teams w/ 3 x autocannons = 75 points each (225 points)
1 Heavy Weapons Team w/ 3 x missile launchers = 90 points
1 Heavy Weapons Team w/ 3 x lascannons = 105 points
Since Creed can issue ‘Bring the Big One Down’ 4 times a turn, that means four of my heavy weapon teams have the potential to fire their weapons as twin linked. My thought with the heavy weapons was that the autocannons would be good for dealing with transports. The lascannons and missile launchers would be good for dealing with AV13 & AV14 vehicles. I thought I could drop one vox from an infantry platoon and just combine the two units during deployment.

The problem with the list is that while I prefer to play IG, I tend to overestimate my ability to get stuff done, and the above list will require some serious dedication and scheduling to complete in time for Flatcon.

The other option I have is Grey Knights. I have been picking at GK models since starting the IG with the intention of using them as allies. With that option now dead, I am left with some models that fit the scheme Ernie and I have painted for IG, but provides a different style of play to compliment Ernie's force.  Tomorrow I will post the potential list I am considering.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Around the Net: Ogre Kingdoms

Courtesy of the Ogre Stronghold (murmandamus)