Saturday, December 31, 2011

With 2011 Coming to a Close...

With 2011 coming to a close, I wanted to reflect briefly on the adventures of the Coin Collectors. It was an exciting year for the army as it travelled around Wisconsin and Illinois, taking part in tournaments, leagues, and campaigns. While my successes were few, fewer still were the times in which I didn’t enjoy myself playing my favorite army in Warhammer. I think people appreciated getting to play against such an uncommon force and it was a wise decision in the Midwest to embrace the Indy GT list and allow such a neglected army a continued place on the battlefield.

Looking at how my army functioned in 2011, clearly the Marksmen Of Miragliano were the focus of any force I fielded. The ability to ignore the penalty for long range and BS 4 meant that they could quickly reduce enemy units to a more manageable size. Including a character with drillmaster and a wizard with the lore of fire or metal (I prefer metal), means that these guys were able to deal with pretty close to anything if they had the time and range.

Vespero’s Vendetta was another unit that I always included in my lists, but unlike the Marksmen, Vespero rarely proved its worth on the battlefield. In part, I believe this was due to the way I used them. However, I would also contribute some of their performance on the skirmishing rules and the need for a better set of rules for the unit. 125 points for 5 models that don’t really do anything special can only be justified by getting to see those classic sculpts. Since I like promoting myself, check out an article I wrote on my blog about how to create a better Vespero’s Vendetta unit using generic duelists and an elf hero.

As I prepare for 2012, my general approach when it comes to Dogs of War will be to break the list. Since I am working on two other armies which are more “friendly”, I have decided to take my dogs into the realm of obscene. Along these lines, I anticipate bulking up the Marksmen to a ridiculous number of models in an attempt to create the shooting army that people fear but never truly see on the battlefield (maybe with the exception of the Khalida and 89 archer insanity that tore the internet apart). I also expect to play with a few of the special characters in the book to create some interesting combos and loopholes. At the same time, I look to take the army in a direction that allows it to be played as an empire army without the need to swap out most of my finished units.

Looking at my schedule for 2012, my first tournament of the year will be Waaagh Aeries IV on Jan 14th. Than in February, I will be attending Da Snotling 1000 tournament in La Crosse, Wisconsin. What army I will field for this tournament will depend on how much I have finished for Adepticon, as I plan on fielding Ogres in one of the two 1000 point tournaments. After Da Snotling, the last tournament on my schedule is Adepticon 2012. I am playing in both 1000 point tournaments and expect to field DoW in one of them. What will be in my Adepticon list will depend on how my painting schedule works out for the first quarter.

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