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The Rival List for 03/27/2010

The Rival List for 03/27/2010

10. The Fallen Princes
Very cool warlock and ranger diorama.

9. Dilusions of Grandeur
I really like the conversion work on these Tyranid Harpies. A great use of various kits without the need for massive amounts of green stuff.

8. Dakka Dakka Daz
I found this paint scheme to be eye catching.

7. Constantly Risking Obscurity
Seems like the fantasy side came out this week and this awesome conversion was shown off. I love the giant rat mount.

6. A Gentleman's Ones
While the following model is being used for 40K, it is based on the new minotaur kit and looks great. Blood Angels should be afraid!

5. The Dead Tau Project
First, I love the cake. Second, I enjoyed looking at the various armies.

4. The Tau of War
A pretty sweet conversion that uses space marine bitz to give some bulk to a crisis suit. I especially like the double flamer conversion.

3. Green Stuff Sculpting
Never heard of Miniature Mentors until I saw this blog. The review of the newest video in the series is well written and makes me want to watch it. Overall, a great blog that links folks to other blogs about sculpting.

2. Hungry Ghost Chaos Squats of Khorne
While squats have become extinct in the 40K universe, there are those that still love to model them. HGCSoK has done some amazing conversions for his insanely original squat army.

1. The Lair of the Breviks
I wish I could remember the exact wording of a quote I recently read, but the basic idea was that if you focus on perfection, you will never become good. This entry by The Lair of the Breviks talks about the same idea and how it was impacting his hobby. The good news is that he got past the "need" for perfection, and in the process, painted a perfect model.

Honorable Mentions

This blog entry has nothing to do with 40K, WFB or anything related to GW. With that said, it appeared on one GW related blog and thought it was a very cool video. What I find most interesting is that it looks like the cuttlefish was actually hovering just to the edge of the camera's view before attacking. I love to snorkel and dive, and have yet to capture anything remotely as cool as this video.

Ninja Bread
I wish I would have caught this post last week as it would have easily made the top ten. I have long pondered doing a Thousand Sons army using red and gold instead of the traditional blue and gold. Ninja Bread not only beat me to the punch, but he knocked me out with his first model.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fantasy Thursdays: Mydas the Mean

Image Courtesy of Games Workshop

While not the easiest rules to come by with GW's current embargo on DoW, I was able to get a copy of the rules for the DoW special characters (or as I prefer to call them, named characters). Of the five characters in the original article, four of them are lord choices. Since my focus is right now on getting ready for Vanguard in July, I thought I would explore the only hero level choice in the bunch; Mydas the Mean.

Mydas the mean is an interesting choice as he is actually three units in one. First, he is the required paymaster for the army. Second, he is protected by a regiment of paymaster bodyguard. Lastly, he comes with an independent chariot in the form of his moneylender. Considering that a standard paymaster and bodyguard will cost a player a hero and special slot, the fact that Mydas costs the same slots and gives the player an independent chariot makes him a bit of a win.

When it comes to the Sheikh Yadosh, the moneylender who acts as a chariot, his role on the battlefield is limited when compared to a standard chariot. The key difference is that Sheikh Yadosh only does d3 impacts hits, similar to a tomb king chariot. While not bad, it is not great either. The real magic of the unit is in its other special ability; all friendly units within 6” of the sheikh may reroll any failed psychology tests. Combining this ability with blocks of pikemen means a DoW army has a solid wall against faster moving armies.

The fun doesn’t stop though with Sheikh Yadosh, as the real star of the unit, Mydas, offers his own bag of wonderful tricks. The first trick is called Treasure Map. At the start of the game, roll a d6 and consult the table in his rules. On a 1 or 2, his bodyguard gets a +1 to combat resolution. So in effect, the unit gets a warbanner without taking one. On a 3 or 4, Mydas’ range as a standard bearer is increased to 18”. Finally, if a player rolls a 5 or 6, one unit in the DoW army receives a +1 bonus to all to hit rolls in close combat. All three choices are nice, but the last one can take an average unit and make it a star.

That is not all though, for Mydas has another ability that extends to himself and his bodyguard. According to the rules, Mydas and his bodyguard count all of their attacks as magical. For an army that is very limited in terms of the magical items available, this can really help with those units that ignore non-magical attacks.

Overall, for ~300 points and two limited slots, Mydas the Mean provides a DoW army with a solid foundation around which an army can be built. The ability to strengthen an army against psychology rolls is something to never be overlooked. Combined with a decent unit that can provide some much needed magical attacks, Mydas the Mean is definitely worth considering if playing a DoW army.

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Tournament Tuesdays: Walking Away...

It seems that the current trend in 40K and WFB tournaments is to run them over a two day period. When it comes to these two day events, there is a heavy stigma placed on anyone that drops out on the second day unless it’s for a grave emergency. It seems that the expectation is that if someone is not having fun, they should suffer thru the remainder of the event for the betterment of the majority. This seems to go against the ultimate goal of the hobby which is to have fun.

When it comes to this view, I believe it is driven by a few things. The first belief is that there is always the concern that someone dropping from an event will result in an odd number of players. While this is a strong possibility, any good TO has to plan for this to happen regardless of when during the event it does happen. I have seen folks drop out because their wives have gone into labor. I have seen guys drop because they got too drunk during the prior round and could not continue. My point is whether it is by choice or fate, you never know when your event is going to have an odd pairing.

Another concern that I have seen reflected is that it places a burden on the TO when it comes to score keeping. I can only speak for myself, but on the very rare occasions I have had someone drop, dealing with it had a very minimal effect. The only way I can imagine the dropping of a player would have a huge effect is if the scoring system was overly complex or the TO was disorganized.

Again, the ultimate goal of this hobby is to have fun. If someone finds themselves not having fun, they should have the right to state such and walk away without reprisal. We wouldn’t think poorly of someone who walked out of a movie they weren’t enjoying. Should this leisurely activity be any different?

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The Rival List for 03/20/2010

The Rival List is my attempt at an alternate top 10 list from the one done by Ryan. I don’t know if this is going to be a regular entry on my blog or just something more in the moment. What I do know is that I am interested to read his list each week after I finish mine and see how we compare and differ.

When it comes to writing the list, I am taking a general approach and picking anything related to the GW hobby that captures my attention and inspires me to hobby more. I am also approaching my version a little bit different from Ryan’s list by giving a brief explanation of why I liked the post. There are alot of great blogs and posts each week, so I hope noone gets offended by my selections. With that said, if people disagree with my choices, feel free to post in the comments, as I love to discuss these kind of zany things.

The Rival List for 03/20/2010

10. Dark Future Gaming
I love the Mega Dread kit. This post is a great example of someone making the most of it.

9. Corbania Prime
I really like this conversion and think it adds a lot of character to an army.

8. Black Red Studio
What got my attention was the contrast between the green fuel containers and the tanks camouflage scheme.

7. Pink Tyranids
Just found these models to be original and interesting.

6. Extremis Diabolus
Very nice work on the GW woods kit. A great example of why a good choice of colors and a smooth paint scheme can make for great results.

5. Simon Modrow
Generally, I find dreadnoughts to be boring models. The following conversion is an interesting twist that maintains the general design of the model while giving it some more character.

4. The Grumpy Stunty
Did not see a lot of fantasy posts this week. That said, this one would be on my top ten list regardless. Fantasy armies just require a lot more out of painter because of the requirements of the game. This entry shows off a dwarf regiment that I thought looked good.

3. Tyranid Review 2 Months later
When a book is first released, there will be an obscene number of reviews about it. I like that someone took the time after a few months of actually playing with the book and letting the hype cooldown to write a follow-up review.

2. 40K Hobby Blog
Rust and Details on a pair of IG Tanks.

1. Its Like Watching Paint Dry
Sometimes I think people get so hung up on conversions and such that they overlook unaltered models that are painted to a high standard. This example of Njal is very crisp and clean, which is the style I prefer.

Honorable Mention
The honorable mention is reserved for an older blog entry or an oddball one that I feel deserves getting some notice.

Corbania Prime
I am a father first and foremost. While reading about the hobby is great, this post from Corbania Prime was just a joy to read. It may be one of those posts that you cannot fully appreciate until you are a parent, but as one, reading it made me smile.

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Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament (The Game Preserve)

The Game Preserve's Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament

When: Saturday May 1 (9:30am-6:00pm)
Where: The Game Preserve, Lafayette Indiana (located in the Pavilions)

Format: The tournament will consist of 3 rounds with one battle per round. This is a team tournament with each team consisting of two players. Each player will construct a 1000 point army list using the most current army book/list available for that army. Thus each team will consist of two players, each using a 1000 point army for a total of 2000 points per team.

Each battle will feature a unique scenario with specific objectives and/or special features which will affect the battle. The completion of these objectives as well as the overall outcome of a battle will determine a player’s battle score each round. Players will also receive points in the following categories each round: sportsmanship, composition, and painting. There will also be a small number of bonus points awarded at the end of the tournament. There will be 3 games played on Saturday (including a lunch break).

Each player must bring an army of no greater than 1000 points. Each player builds their army using their own force organization chart at the 1000 point level. Thus, no one has access to a Lord level character.
Armies must be selected from the most current Army Books. No alternate lists or White Dwarf lists are allowed. No Special Characters. The following exceptions are allowed: Dogs of War (including the Rhinox Rider Pdf), and Chaos Dwarfs (the recently released online Chaos Dwarfs army book or the Ravening Hordes list may be used. Please mention which list you are using on your army list )

In an effort to curtail WAAC (win at all costs) and unbalanced lists the following restriction is in effect when planning your army list: Aside from Core Units, no units may be taken more than once. For example, an Empire army can include 1 Great Cannon as it is a Special Choice or a Dwarf army could include 1 Gyrocopter as it is a Rare Choice. However, certain armies allow you to take 2 of a given unit per choice such as Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Throwers or Snotling Pump Wagons. Players may take still take two of these units as they only use 1 Special/Rare choice. (Note this doesn’t affect character choices)

Additionally, magic will be capped at 10 Power Dice for the team.
Each team will generate one set of army power/dispel dice. These army dice may be shared between the players in any fashion during the game. Dice generated by magic users may only be used by the controlling player. There is no restriction on how the Power Dice are distributed among a team. In other words, Player A’s army has a Lvl 1 Wizard, Whereas Player B’s army features two Lvl 2 and one Lvl 1 Wizard. This team would have a total of 8 power dice (2 army +1 + 2 +2 +1 = 8).
To determine the number of power dice in your army simply add the 2 Army Power Dice along with the number of wizard levels in your army. Each bound item will count as 1 Power Die. Every two Dispel Scrolls/Power Stones and similar items will count as 1 Power Die.

For armies that have access to magic users who do not use power dice (such as Empire/Tomb Kings etc) use the following to determine how many power dice you have: Empire Warrior Priest (1PD), Lich Priest/Tomb Prince (1PD). Note, as Horrors are considered wizards and generate dice, their levels must also be counted.
During each round, each team will nominate one of their characters to be the team General. This character will count as a General for both armies and thus all rules for army generals apply to this character. This is chosen after players receive the scenario but before deployment.

+ Each team may also have exactly ONE Battle Standard Bearer whose rules will apply to both armies in the team.
+ In all other cases players’ armies act as two separate forces. The following exceptions do apply: + Any items or abilities which can affect ‘friendly’ models/units can affect your teammate’s army.
+ Teams which consist of the same army share any armywide effects, such as Waaagh!
+ ‘Friendly’ units can cause Psychology effects in your teammate’s army.
+ Deployment will be determined by the scenarios.
+ While players are free to team up however they like, there should be an effort to avoid teams that feature armies considered to be enemies in the fluff. Thus Lizardmen would never team with Demons of Chaos, High Elves and Dark Elves would not work together etc. Players will be rewarded/penalized in Composition scores depending on which two armies they decide to pair.
+ All players must submit a typed army list to the Judge before the tournament during registration/check-in. It is also a good idea to have an extra copy for yourself as well as your opponents.
+ Players are responsible for having a copy of the latest FAQs (this includes the main rules as well as the rules for your army). These can be found on the Games-Workshop website.
+ All armies are to be painted to a minimum standard (3 colors).
Players are responsible for bringing all necessary supplies such as: rulebooks, army books, dice, templates, measuring tapes, movement trays, and any other necessary materials.

Scoring: Scoring will be divided between Battle, Sportsmanship, Composition, and Painting points. Battle Points will account for 40% of a team’s score while Sportsmanship, Composition, and Painting points will account for the remaining 60% of a team’s points. After each round players will fill out score sheets marking the Battle Points for each round. Players will then award their opponent points for Sportsmanship, Composition, and Painting which will be outlined on the score sheets.

Penalties: Overall score penalties will be given for showing up late (-5 points), not putting your name on your army list (-3 points), stalling for time (-5 points), or turning in a hand written army list (-3 points). Further deductions will be applied (if necessary) for unruly or disruptive behavior (the number of points deducted will vary). If a player continues to be disruptive, he or she will be ejected from the tournament.

Prizes: Prizes and trophies will be awarded for the following achievements during the tournament:

1st Overall: TBA Best Army: TBA Player’s Choice: TBA
2nd Overall: TBA Best General: TBA
3rd Overall: TBA Best Sportsman: TBA

Schedule: Each round will be played to the end of six full turns or 140 minutes, whichever occurs first. At the end of the round, all games still in progress will cease immediately. Any player(s) deemed to be stalling for time will receive a penalty (-5 points).

9:30-10:00 Registration & Setup
10:00-12:20 Round 1
12:30-1:00 Lunch Break
1:00-3:20 Round 2
3:30-5:50 Round 3

Original post can be found here.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the Bench: Vespero's Vendetta

To start the process of painting Vespero, I applied a coat of white primer (Army Painter White Base). Next I applied a coat of Hexed Purple and Red Gore to the shirt and cloak respectively.

Next, I basecoated the leather areas with Scorched Brown.

The remainder of the basecoating was accomplished by:
1. Basecoat of Reaper Brown Leather to paints.
2. Basecoat of Vallejo Dark Grey to the sword blades.
3. Basecoat of 50/50 Black Grey/Chaos Black to the hair.
4. Basecoat of Vallejo Desert Brown to the skull.
5. Basecoat of Reaper Chestnut Gold (09073)

Next, the model is given a series of washes and inks.
1. The dark leather sections are given a 2:1 Brown Ink wash.
2. The gold sections are given a straight GW Sepia Wash followed by the brown ink wash used for the leather in the deepest parts.
3. The skull is given a Brown Ink/Black Ink wash (8:1:8, brown:black:thinner).

The cloak was completed using the following scheme.
1. Basecoat with Scab Red (4:1)
2. Wash deepest parts with Badab Black (1:1, wash:thinner)
3. Several layers of Scab Red (2:2:1, paint:glaze:thinner)
4. A couple layers of Scab Red/Red Gore (2:2:1:1, Scab:Gore:glaze:thinner)
5. A couple layers of Red Gore (4:1:1, Gore:glaze:thinner)
6. A couple thin layers of Red Gore/Blood Red (2:2:1:1, Blood:Gore:glaze:thinner)
7. Add a drop of Vomit Brown & Skull White to the last mix.
8. Add two drops of Vomit Brown & Skull White to the last mix.

I completed the “gold” sections using the same formula I have been using with my IG.
Reaper Chestnut Gold (09073) (4:1, paint:thinner)
4/1 Mix Chesnut Gold/Palomino
2/2 Mix Chesnut Gold/Palomino
Palomino Gold (4:1, paint:thinner)
2/2 Mix Palomino Gold/Buckskin Pale
Buckskin Pale (4:1, paint:thinner)

The base was painted with a heavy wash of dark flesh, followed by dry brushing one layer of each of the following colors: Scorched Brown, Beasty Brown, Snakebite Leather, and Dark Sand.

Vespero's sword and dagger were painted by slowly layering London Grey, followed by Light Grey and finally Skull White. Each layer was mixed with a large helping of Vallejo Glaze Medium and a decent amount of thinner.

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Tournament Tuesdays: Monthly Goals

I have had some good momentum in the first two months of 2010, and wanting to keep it going, I decided to start a new practice of posting my monthly goals. My ultimate goal is to complete an IG army by September 30th and a WFB army by July 10th. I figure since both dates are being driven by my desire to attend specific tournaments (40K - Flatcon Doubles Tournament, WFB - N.I.M.G.C. Vanguard Tournament), I would make this a monthly post that is included in the Tournament Tuesdays segment.

Imperial Guard Army

My goal for March is to complete one Imperial Assassin and 5 penal legion models. I will also continue to work on my LR-P, but I think for now I will work on it in small bursts and expect to finish it in April.

Vampire Counts

My goal for March with regards to my Vampire Counts is to complete a base regiment of Vespero’s Vendetta (5 models) and 6 Cairn Wraiths, which includes a banshee.

I don’t know if this approach will help or hinder me, but I figure I might as well try and see how things look at the end of the month.