Friday, March 13, 2009

Codex: Daemonhunters (Next?)

This picture was taken from Warseer today.

Note: Since the painting has been posted, another poster has pulled a quote from the artist that the image is for a banner at an upcoming Games Day.

My personal opinion is that GW would not commission such a work just for a one-off poster. Such a painting looks like something that would be on the cover a codex. Do I know this for a fact, nope, but I got that feeling. Either way, it is an amazing work and I am very glad I got to see it.


  1. I could most definitley see that being a new Daemonhunters codex cover. So much in fact I would be willing place a small wager on it.

  2. GW could be comissioning it for a white dwarf cover perhaps? But you're right - there's certainly a tantalizing possibility of a codex cover in this one...

  3. Doubt it, lots of email exchanges with jervis on B&C say =I= is 4-6 years from getting a new codex, if anything it will be for Planetstrike

  4. GMSN: Thanks for the response. There seems to be more momentum each day around the next book being Daemonhunters. With that said, who knows! I doubt it will be as long as 4-6 years before we see a new Inquisition based book, but then again, the orks were 10 years between editions. We should know around the end of May is what I am thinking.