Monday, March 30, 2009

Space Hulk Challenge: Winner!

With much excitement, I present the winner of the Space Hulk Challenge.
Click Image to Enlarge

With only a single entry received, the winner is Nate Oesch. Congrats to Nate for winning the competition and excellent work!

Pay attention to this blog on April 11, as the next contest will be announced.


  1. That's 2/2 for Nate - well done Canuckster!
    I like the cinematic effects - well done.

    However - no large size pic?

  2. Congrats Nate...hopefully my school schedule allows me to participate in the next contest

  3. Nate's picture has been fixed, so you can now enjoy it in detail.

    There is an issue with blogger that cause the ability for pictures to be enlarged if they are moved in composer mode. I'll try and go back and fix older posts as well.