Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fantasy Thursday: Golgfag's Mercenary Army

I really need to settle on an army for the Cheddar Bowl, even with it over 1/2 a year away, so I have been playing with various lists trying to incorporate what I have finished and what I am interested in painting. In the end, I decided on the theme of Golgfag's Mercenary army because of the Ogre Kingdom fluff and that he was originally a RoR unit for DoW.

Golgfag's Mercenary Army

This is version 1.0. There are still some areas that I may change; mainly whether or not I will go with the second bruiser or do a butcher instead for a little magical support. I may also swap the two cavalry units that are allies for Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz as an ally.

Overall, the army gives me a nice DoW feel while allowing me to include some of the OK units I have worked on.