Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Episode 7 - Adapting to Adepticon

Welcome to a Warhammer Fantasy focused episode of the Unstable Dice Podcast. In this episode, Chuck and John dive into the WFB tournaments at Adepticon. Next, the guys talk about Waste Wars X on Dec 8th. Finally, John announces the first ever Unstable Dice Painting Challenge.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Adepticon 2013 - Potential Plans

As we edge closer to registration opening for Adepticon 2013, I thought I would share my proposed plan of activities for the convention. Last year I had to bow out because of work and family stuff, but this year I am planning in advance and have already scheduled the time off and booked a hotel nearby (not the actual convention hotel, but close enough for my needs).

My plans for Thursday are to participate in the two 1000 point WFB tournaments. I am not sure what to expect with regards to attendance for these tournaments now that they have been moved to Thursday. The reason I say that is I would like to bring a more competitive list to the larger event and a more casual list to the smaller one. In the past, the later tournament had lower attendance numbers, but with the change in days, more folks may be playing in the later event because of travel considerations.

Regardless of actual attendance numbers, I plan on breaking out the Ogre Kingdoms army for one of the tournaments. I have slowly been cranking out the army for this tournament, so I am feeling confident that it will be ready for the table by next Adepticon. With regards to the other tournament, I will likely field either Empire or Daemons of Chaos. Neither army really excites me at the moment, but I have enough stuff painted for either that I can bring one of them without doing any additional preparation.

Friday has become a bit of a challenge for me as there are some cool options, but they all overlap on the schedule. As of right now, I am leaning toward playing in the Warzone tournament being run by Nick Baran of the Second City Warzone blog. This particular tournament is 1000 points with a 250 point sideboard and uses rules similar to Cities of Death. Outside of it being run by Nick, who is a good guy and supporter of stuff I have run, it is also tournament format I wish was more common. Cities of Death was an awesome expansion and really brought a new style of play to the game. Most TOs never embraced it and that is a real shame.

The other option is the Zone Mortalis: The Sin of Alacrity – Boarding Action events. As described on the site, “In this event, your boarding team will test its savvy, skill, and mettle in at least three challenging and distinct 1v1 scenarios across the breadth of 8 custom-made 4×4 Sin of Alacrity tables: from the Bridge, the weapons batteries, the launch bays, teleport rooms, and engineering section, through all the decks of this wayward spaceship.” Now that sounds cool, especially from a creativity standpoint. Where the Warzone tournament requires me to plan for the event and work on expanding an existing army (IG or Tau are my likely candidates), this event opens the floor to whatever madness my brain can come-up with as I suspect the “army” requirements will be quite small. Suddenly I have visions of Space Hulk Genestealers, Deathwatch Insertion Teams, or Killer Kan mobs. Heck, every codex is an option to explore and consider.

Saturday and Sunday
My plans for Saturday and Sunday are to avoid Adepticon and go home. I am sure the crowds will be massive and honestly the big tournaments don’t interest me. I also figure at this point that I will have hit any demos and purchased more stuff that I will never use from the vendor floor.