Friday, July 29, 2011

H: Tomb Kings, Chaos, Beastmen, AoW, Tau, DEldar W: Cash

It has become that time of the year where I clean out my hoard of stuff and just keep what I really want to paint for the foreseeable future. I am only looking for cash, I have not interest in trading (the idea is to reduce what I have in my office, not just change the decor). I am also only looking to ship (lower 48 USA only) unless you live in Kenosha county, WI, in which case, I can meet up in person. I will combine shipping costs (thus reducing them) for folks that buy multiple things at one time.

Tomb Kings War Sphinx Kit (New) - $40.00 (+$5.00 shipping)
Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights (New) - $40.00 (+$5.00 shipping)
Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord (New) - $10.00 (+$2.50 shipping)
Avatars of War Beastman (New) - $15.00 (+$2.50 shipping)
Beastmen Doombull (New) - $32.00 (+$5.00 shipping)
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (New) - $23.00 (+$4.00 shipping)
Forgeworld TAU XV9-01 WITH FUSION CASCADES (New) - $40.00 (+$2.50 shipping)
Forgeworkd XV9 HAZARD CLOSE SUPPORT ARMOUR (New) - $40.00 (+$2.50 shipping)
Dark Eldar Venom (New on Sprues/No Box) - $22.00 (+$3.00 shipping)
Dark Eldar Scourages (New on Sprues/No Box) - $20.00 (+$3.00 shipping)

I can be contacted via email at

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Invasion Kenosha III (This Weekend!)

The big day is almost here. If you are not registered for any of the tournaments, spots may open up and will be filled on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. The doors open at 9 am on Saturday and 6 pm on Friday. Check out the website for more details.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Invasion Kenosha III Sponsor Spotlight: Cavalcade Wargames

Thanks to great sponsors like Cavalcade Wargames, Invasion Kenosha is more than just a tournament. It is also a chance for folks to check out great models and games that may not be seen elsewhere.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Invasion Kenosha III Sponsor Spotlight: Mantic Games

Only 4 spots remain for this years WFB Tournament!

Another new sponsor for 2011 is Mantic games, makers of the awesome Kings of War.  If you are looking for an alternative line if plastic models or want to start playing a quick and awesome game, Kings of War is the range of models that you want to check out.


Speaking of Mantic games and Kings of War, Rockhead's Comics and Games carries a full line of Mantic models for purchase. Why visit some internet retailer when Allen and company can get you just what you need to start that Kings of War army that you have been wanting.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Invasion Kenosha III Sponsor Spotlight: Center Stage Miniatures

Today's sponsor is Center Stage Miniatures.  Thanks to them and their generous support, not only do we have a bunch of cool models for the charity raffle, we also have a bunch of cool models for the WFB tournament swag bag.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Invasion Kenosha III Sponsor Spotlight: Privateer Press

Starting today, The Invasion Kenosha website is counting down to the big weekend.  Over the next two weeks, it will be highlighting the amazing sponsors and support that is being provided for this year's Invasion.  To begin the countdown to Invasion, Invasion's newest sponsors, Privateer Press


Friday, July 1, 2011

Screaming Down to Bloomington Again: Aftermath (Picture)

Thanks to Chuck for the picture...