Saturday, November 28, 2009

North America Warhammer Tournament Round 1

All North American Hobby Centers
February 27th or 28th
Warhammer - 2,500 points

Starting in February, we will be running a Warhammer Tournament in all of our North American Hobby Centers over three months. You will be required to play one game a month on a particular weekend to take part. Check back for the date of Round 2.

Armies must be chosen from one of the current printed Warhammer Army Books only and from the main army list entry. Your army must have at least 4 Core Troop choices, and you may only have 1 Dispel Scroll in your list.

Bring in the 2,500 points of your favorite Warhammer Army and play a single game of Warhammer against an opponent of your choice. The game must be played in a GW Hobby Center at any time on either the 27th or 28th of February. Fill out a score sheet and hand it to the staff.

These score sheets will be sent to our HQ to be verified and tracked. The highest scoring individual in each GW Hobby Center after all three rounds have been completed will receive an award. The three highest scoring individuals across the whole of North America after all three rounds have been completed will receive an amazing prize, which will be announced at a later date.

The post above was originally posted on the GW Website.

I don't see a painting requirement, so I may assemble enough Daemons to play at the Pleasant Prairie store. That is a big maybe...

I am really glad that GW is doing this, but I fear that the "adult" community will whine and complain about it. The rules require a minimum of four core choices and limit an army to one dispel scroll. This means that magic armies, aka Tzeentch and VC, will be very powerful. I personally welcome any kind of army build, but the tournament addicts will cry that unless your playing a top tier army (DoC, VC, DE), you cannot compete. My response, "WHO CARES!" It is one game each month for three months at no cost to the player. As for the lack of painting requirements, again, WHO CARES! If you want to make a statement about it being a hobby and painting is a core aspect, bring a painted army and inspire people with it. Whining and complaining about it does nothing and just marks you as an elitist dumb ass.

Anyways, I really applaud GW doing this and will try my hardest to make the three games as I really want to support this event. If anyone is interested, I will be playing at the Pleasent Prairie GW (if I can make it). Figure I can meet some new folks and maybe we can go to Tazinos afterwards for pizza.


  1. Equinox:

    Thanks for the mention...we would love to see you and your friends at our Tazinos location in Pleasant Prairie (Kenosha. We appreciate your support, and we hope you tell all of your area gaming friends about us as well!


    Tazinos Pizza & Salad Bistro

  2. I love Tazinos and think it is the best place to grab a bite when hanging at the new GW store.

  3. Results from RHQ