Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the Bench: Centigor

I have been considering this color scheme for awhile and thought while I was traveling that I would try to develop it. The scheme is suppose to use earth tones and not be the explosion of colors that is typical for my armies.


The color scheme for the skin/hair used the following Reaper Master Series paints.
09029 Earth Brown
09030 Leather Brown
09031 Tanned Leather
09032 Amber Gold
09033 Golden Blond

In addition, I used some Gryphonne Sepia washes on the skin at certain points.

The horns are started just like if I was painting bones for my Vampire Counts.


  1. I really like the centigor models, but I've always been bugged by their feet. Why no hoofs/hooves?

    Still, you're doing a great model justice.

  2. The flesh looks fantastic! I can't wait to see the completed product.