Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly Update: The Emerald Eye

This week's update is of another unit that I needed to finish up. I converted a simple standard bearer for my unit of horrors using the Tzeentch icon from chaos space marine set. As a last minute decision, I decided to clip the horns from the icon as I didn't like how they looked. Overall I find the results to be okay. I kind of rushed the paint job and it shows. (The pressure of painting to meet a deadline.)

The banner pole was painted like the one for the daemonettes. Being as anal about my stuff as I am, I find it kind of boring now that it is done.

The banners were washed when I took the pictures, so the "bubble" on the right banner is gone now that the GW wash dried. (I love GW's washes.)

I am debating if I will do a mirror unit horrors that are painted green primarily. It might be an interesting contrast if I decide to do it.

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