Saturday, February 28, 2009

N.I.M.G.C. Tournament Scenarios & Special Rules

Tournament Special Rules
"This Is Where Legends Are Born"

Supreme Commander: Nominate one of your HQ characters to be your Supreme Commander. He/She gains the Eternal Warrior special ability if they do not already have it. In addition, your Supreme Commander allows you to take any one Non-Tank, Non-HQ unit as a troop option instead of its standard FOC slot. If the character you selected as your Supreme Commander already has a similar benefit (Such as an ork Big Mek allowing a Deff Dredd as a troop), this is overruled by the Supreme Commander Benefit.

Battle Points: Each battle will gain you battle points, with possible bonus points added for achieving certain objectives each mission.
Win = 7 Battle Points
Draw = 3 Battle Points
Loss = 1 Battle Point

Places will be determined upon total final battle points.
Special Notes: Minimum battle points obtained per mission = 0
Also, simply destroying all of your opponents does not grant you all the possible bonus battle points. You MUST complete each task at the end of the game to get the points.

Mission #1 - The Face of the Enemy
"Area unknown, secure sectors and report enemy contact."
Deployment: Pitched Battle.
Objective: Seize Ground with 5 Loot counters. 4 are placed 15" from each table edge and side, one placed in center of the map.

Bonus Battle Points:
+1 Your Supreme Commander Survives
+1 Killed Enemy Supreme Commander
+1 Secured at least one opponent's table side objectives.
-1 Your Supreme Commander Dies
-1 Opponent secured at least one of your table side objectives.

Mission #2 - Sow the Seeds of Disruption
"Locate enemy command center, and destroy communications array"
Deployment: Spearhead
Objectives: Capture and Control

Bonus Battle Points:
+1 Your Supreme Commander Lives
+1 Killed enemy Supreme Commander
-1 Your Supreme Commander Dies

Mission #3 - Only One of Us is Leaving Here Alive
"We have them now, prioritize your targets and annihilate the enemy"
Deployment: Random as per normal game.
Objectives: Modified Kill Points

  • HQ Units are worth 3 kill points (Characters plus retinues must all be killed to get these points. Only killing retinues gets you nothing!)
  • Elites/Heavy Support/Fast Attack are worth 2 Kill Points
  • Troops are worth 1 kill point.

Bonus Battle Points:
+2 Your Supreme Commander kills enemy Supreme Commander
+1 Your Supreme Commander Survives
-1 Your Supreme Commander Dies

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