Thursday, February 12, 2009

Space Hulk

With the numerous rumors pointing to the release of a new Space Hulk, I wanted to share my thoughts about its pending return, my hopes for what will be included with it, and finally, I am going promote my first “Realms of Equinox” contest.

I have very fond memories of the earlier versions of Space Hulk. Looking back on those memories, I realize that it was the perfect game for me. It was a collectible game, meaning in this case that I could build and customize my own force. It was also a smaller game, one that required a handful of models on each side and not the ever increasing numbers of 40K.

My biggest hope with this version of Space Hulk is that it becomes the new ruleset for small games set in the 40K universe. 40K is supposed to be the core game, and Apocalypse was released to cater to games on a larger scale. Now is the time for a small scale rule set that allows for fun and interactive games with smaller forces. How cool would it be to play a game of grey knights invading a space hulk converted into a temple of slaanesh. How about an ork controlled space hulk that has awakened the necrons residing at the core of the hulk. I am getting shivers just thinking about it.

With regards to models, I am not sure what I would like to see. Honestly, a single sprue with some different options for each race, like the one released with Apocalypse would be very cool. (I doubt it will happen though…) Outside of that, I am just waiting to see what happens.

As requested in the comments of this entry, here are the current rumors I have seen:

Okay, last week I told you there was a rumor going around that Games Workshop was revamping and reissuing their classic gateway drug of a board game SPACE HULK for relaunch later this year. After I posted that I got a call from Bigred over at
Bell of Lost Souls who had a nugget of info for me. He’d made a few calls and told me without a doubt, IT IS HAPPENING. Sources that are always 100% confirmed that it will be dropping later this year. So I made a few calls of my own. And those calls told me the same thing. Here’s what we know:
-No one has a solid release date, which is par for the course this far out with GW. What we do know is that it is planned for Q3 – or August/September/October.
-GW is no longer in love with the Blood Angels. We’ve got a shitty micro codex that while cool when it came out pales, in comparison to Codex marines. Odds are it will either be A) a popular codex chapter B) Blood Ravens in hopes of drawing in fans of Dawn of War II or C) Dark Angels Deathwing in order to allow players an already playable army in 40K (I’ve actually heard this is a possibility.)
-The new plastic terminators are cheap and easy to assemble. They’re also readily convertible – I picked up 10 of the Black Reach terminators, the metal Thunder hammer/storm shield conversion pack and the TH/SH upgrade sprue from the close combat box and built myself 10 CC termies with only a little additional clipping. Odds are good that they’ll be just like the BRTs, but with different iconography.
-While there’s no price point yet, GW is known for making cheap starter sets. With the ability to field up to three squads of 10 terminators in the current codex, it will be entirely possible to build a fully functional, full sized army from two Black Reach Starter sets (or like most folks are doing, buying one and trading online/with a friend – orks for marines) and SPACE HULK. I imagine you’ll be able to run about 1500pts for somewhere around $100 if you’re smart about it.
If you’ve never played the original, you have no idea how excited the rest of us are. The premise is pretty simple – a giant floating ghostship is adrift in space and filled with aliens known as Tyranids (nids for short.) The Space Marines have sent in their Terminator Suit wearing marines to clean them out. Alien swarms, tight corridors and heavy duty weaponry. It’s a lot of fun. I’ll have more on this as it develops.

Taken from Bell of Lost Souls [which took them from a spanish site] (
2009 Warhammer 40k & Fantasy
April: Imperial Guard (we hear May)
May: Fantasy Empire 2nd Wave (Empire Steam Tank, Greatswords, "Military Altar") (we hear June, and have no indication of a "Military Altar")
July: Planetstrike (looks like its coming at LONG last)
September: Space Hulk (with all new modern plastic termys, genestealers...the whole 9 yards) (we have no confirmation on this)
October: Skaven (we hear August)
November: An unnamed marine chapter (we hear Space Wolves)


  1. Could you please point me to these rumors? I loved and still love the Space Hulk game. I have all the original board pieces and the expansions and two sets of the second edition board sets. Plus all the rules ever printed in a giant binder. I'd be pretty excited about some new Space Hulk love.

  2. Hey Inner Geek! I am going a copy of the rumors I have seen into this blog entry.

    You can also read them at the following sites.
    Bell of Lost Souls (Link at the bottom of the page)