Sunday, February 15, 2009

Equinox's Next (Poll Open)

The daemons are still 4-5 months away from being playable in both systems, but I am starting to get that itch to prep for my next project. Prior to this post, I would have included Tau as one of the choices, but I recently traded all of my Tau stuff, so they are no longer on the list.

The thing with the next project is that I am shooting for a 1000 points in the army's respective system. I am hoping to finish the project by Jan 2010 and use it at the appropriate event; Invasion Kenosha if WFB or Adepticon if 40K (Team Tournament or Combat Patrol). The important thing for me when selecting the project is that it feels unique when placed on the table.

When I say unique, this means to me that it doesn't look like every other army being fielded. This approach to the hobby usually means that I build armies that are at either extreme of the power spectrum. I spend alot more time painting and blogging than actual gaming, so how the army actually plays isn't as big of a concern, though I do factor it in to the overall design.

Eldar Army

For years I have wanted to do an eldar army based on the striking scorpions phoenix lord and a hunting party built around him. The original army design included kroot from the merc codex, but with those rules not being allowed by most folks, I have to remove them from the list. With the kroot gone, the only troop choice in the army will eldar scouts/pathfinders, which I think is cool. The elite choice would obviously be striking scorpions, while the fast attack would be warp spiders. If I were to build this army, I would convert the scouts from the guardian and dire avenger kits and use the metal models for the scorpions and spiders.

Imperial Guard Army

The next army I am pondering is one that would focus on tanks and limit the number of foot models in the army. The pending codex (May 2009) seems to be geared towards fitting in as many tanks as possible, plus the sweet new valkerie. With this army, I am considering it as part of a team tournament entry, assuming I can find three guys that want to build the same in the next year.

The basic design of this army would be Leman Russ as my heavy choice, hellhounds as the fast attack, troop choices would be mounted units (guardsmen or storm troopers) in chimera, and a command unit that is also mounted. If I have any points remaining, I might use the elite slot to include a dh/wh inquisitor mounted in a chimera. In terms of weapons on the tanks, flamers comes first. Any slot on each vehicle that can be filled using a flamer, gets a flamer. (Burn Baby Burn) After that, its about bolters and bullets. If the new Punisher Leman Russ rumor becomes true, and the 1-3 per slot rumors is true, I will likely want to do three punishers, each armeds with the punisher cannon (Str 5, AP -, Heavy 20) and heavy bolters in the sponsons.

Again, I really like this army, but doing it would depend on whether or not I found a team for Adepticon 2010. Note: After writing that I realized I would also be happy building this army with on other person for other two man events or as an army to be shared. If interested in jumping in on this project, leave a comment or email me.

Centigor Herd

I really like the current centigor models. I also really like beastman in general. Rumors for the future book seem to imply that centigor units would become a core choice and that chariots would move to the special slot. Along those lines, I really enjoyed painting my possessed centigor model for the Emerald Eye, so I am considering this option.

The focus of this army would be painting large units of centigor and filling in the core choices with three chariots for now. Assuming the rumors are true, when the new book hits, the large centigor units could be broken into smaller units which would result in alot of core units to start the army. I want to avoid minotaurs for now and don't think I really want to dedicate the army to any specific god.

Other Options
There are some other ideas I have been tossing about, like genestealer tyranids, deathwing/daemonhunters, the WoC large monster horde and finally the Stegadon Stampede. I like the idea of each of these armies, but none of them seem to have the appeal of the first three armies. Anyways, maybe someone can convince me why one of these choices would be better for me.

The poll is now open and will remain open till March 28th, 2009. I would love to hear comments and thoughts about my various idea. Again, if interested in doing the Imperial Guard idea with me, leave me a comment or email.

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  1. All good looking projects! I liked the first best - sounds like a good time to me. Don't dig on tanks or Stegs as much, so would narrow the field for me. Now... get to work! :)