Friday, February 13, 2009

N.I.M.G.C. Spring Tournament (Tentative List)

N.I.M.G.C. Spring Tournament (Tentative List)

I’ve been looking at the models I own and what I am wanting to paint for my DoC army between now and the tournament. Over the last week, I have cleaned and based 6 Khorne bloodletters w/ std and musician, 1 flamer and 1 additional daemonette (last edition model). I am thinking that I want to paint more horrors and flamers, especially flamers since they are a point sink and I will only be using them on the 40K side of the army. I’ve also recently acquired a boxset of Tzeentch screamers, but I don’t know if I want to paint them. I am honestly finding that I would like to Emerald Eye 40K version to reflect Tzeentch and the WFB side to reflect Khorne, though either side can be used in either system.

The thing I keep asking myself is how much painting can I get done between now and the event. I have a lot of school work in the next 10 weeks, so I fear the answer to my question is that I cannot get a lot painted. Not a huge problem, I can bring the garbage elder or the necrons if I need a painted army, but not what I really want to do either. I am eager to return to the tournament scene with a fresh army and a renewed view on the hobby, and I feel like bringing an old army will detract from that desire.

Below is the tentative list for the tournament. (Red – Not Started, Blue – Started, Green – Finished)

Keeper of Secrets w/ daemonic gaze, unholy strength, and HnR (250 pts) [HQ]
The Masque (100 pts) [HQ]
Skulltaker (140 pts) [HQ]
10 Flamers w/ bolt of Tz (380 pts) [Elite]
4 Fiends of Slaanesh (120 pts) [Elite]
10 Bloodletters w/ std and musician (190 pts) [Troop]
10 Horrors w/ std and bolt of Tz (205 pts) [Troop]
6 Daemonettes w/ std (109 pts) [Troop]
Total = 1494 points

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