Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the Bench: Grey Knight Terminator

Upon further reflection, I have decided that On the Bench will be be my series of painting guides for various models that I have painted. My hope is that I can help people by showing them what I have done (be it right or wrong). Please share your thoughts and comments.

Grey Knight Terminator

For this model, the following bitz were used to create the model in this tutorial.

1. Grey Knight Terminator Captain Body
2. One Inquisitor Hammer
3. One arm and storm shield from the plastic assault terminator kit.
4. One Terminator Nemesis Force Weapon.
5. One purity seal from the Ravenwing plastic kit.

The head of the hammer was removed from the bit and pinned to the nemesis force weapon after removing the blade. The storm shield and terminator arm were assembled and attached to the main body of the terminator after removing the pin that was originally part of the model.


The model was mounted on a George Base, available at Games Plus in Mount Prospect, IL. It was than based using two grains of sand from the GF9 urban terrain kit.

Rites of War

The following picture is to just document that this model was started on 03/13/2008.


The model was given a decent coat of GW white primer. This was followed by a bit of touch-up using Vallejo white primer. (Note: The picture is extremely blurry.)


This model is going to be painted in a color scheme using NMM (my version of it anyways) and will use actual grey for the main body of the model. The painted areas were painted using Vallejo black grey in a dilution of 3:1 (3 drops paint, 1 drop thinner).

The base coat was applied in two layers using an American Painter brush. Once the second layer was painted, the model was given a wash of GW Badad Black. This was done using an American Painters brush. The wash was applied heavily to the corners and places not usually visible when the model is on the board.