Friday, March 13, 2009

Feedback: Test Models

The Rites of War competition has me reflecting on some old test models that I did a few years ago. The basic concept of the models was to create an inquisition army that was heavily converted and contained elements of the ordo malleus and ordo xenos. I wanted to use the color blue, since it was, and still is, a color I don't use often. I also wanted to carry the painting element of the deathwatch into the army by painting the one arm in a distinctly different color from the main body.

Test Model #1
The first model was a conversion using a necron warscythe (note the rod is missing at the moment), deathwatch bitz, and a veteran marine model. I wanted to paint the model not using any metallics.

Test Model #2
This model was an alternative approach to the idea. It combined bitz from the dark angels sprue, a grey knight nemesis weapon, and deathwatch bitz. With this model, I decided to focus more on the blue and make it the primary color. I also decided to paint the model using metallics. Lastly, I decided to go with a khaki color for the robes.

At this point, I am looking for feedback on which scheme people found more appealing. I can see elements in each model that I like and dislike, but cannot bring myself to make a decision. I think part of the problem is that I want the models to stand on there own, but also be easily folded into future space marine and imperial guard projects.


  1. First of all, nice models. I really like both of them.
    Secondly, I think that each model fits a certain "profile" within the fluff discription for your force. The first guy, the one with the warscythe, is more of the radical side of the =I=, specifically the Ordos Xenos, as he is using the weapon of the Xenos against the Xenos itself. The second guy is more of a traditional =I= operative, and with the NFW is even leaning a bit towards the Ordos Mallus.
    Personally, I would lean towards an option C: take the body of Model 2, and give it the arms of Model 1. But thats just me. As far as folding these guys into future projects, depending on how many you create, you can always use some of the figures as commanders or honour guard, and others with less flashy weapons as vanguard veterans without jump packs.
    Hope that helps

  2. I like the 1st scheme better...but I think it's because something about that khaki with that shade of blue doesn't look right. I can't put my finger on it just looks off.

    Nice paint work on both, btw. I like that simple necron blade conversion.

  3. My vote would be for the 2nd scheme. I like the robe and the feel it gives to the model. Definitely makes it feel like he has something to hide, at the same time he won't put on his space marine helmet to completely mask who he is. If you were to change anything, I think a Howling Griffons esque paint scheme (alternating halves) would work well with the colour blue you have and black armour.

  4. I'd be voting for the 2nd one. The contrast between the robe and the power armour is great and will help it to stand out against other "standard" armies on the tabletop.

  5. 1st scheme mate... the blue on the cloth makes them have a regal looks me thinks. Awesome job for test models :)