Friday, March 20, 2009

Poll Results: The Next Project

The results are in from the first ever Realms of Equinox poll. The poll question was, "What should be my next project."

The results
Eldar 50% (12 votes)
Imperial Guard 37% (9 votes)
Beast of Chaos 4% (1 vote)
Other 8%(2 votes)

The Analyse

The clear winner in this poll was my proposed eldar army. A strong percentage of readers were also in favor of the imperial guard army. The single vote for the BoC army seems to be an outlier. As for other, it is hard to conclude if these votes were for the other concepts I have posted or simply votes against any of the three armies.

My Thoughts

The results of the survey are causing me a little bit of reservation at the moment. I was strongly leaning towards the idea of doing imperial guard after I complete the Paint or Die! competition, but now I am pausing for a moment to reconsider the eldar.

I really like the concept of the eldar army, but don't feel like I am ready for it. I still struggle with the setting of the army. Do I base them to reflect an urban jungle or a real jungle? Another thing I am pondering is whether the paint scheme should be reds and whites or something more earthy. Lastly, a return to the eldar feels like that last project to me. I started 40K playing eldar during second edition. I've had a few flirtations with them since that time, but this voice in my head tells me that they should be the last project (and thus my greatest one).

I should warn everyone that I have been sick for a few days, so today's blog may be filled with ramblings caused by DayQuil withdrawal.

I guess my fear with not doing the army is that at some point, someone is going to do the same army and it will likely look better than anything I can produce. I like my armies to feel original when they are put on the board, and I don't think I have ever seen an army that focuses only on spiders, scorpions, and rangers. Its a fluff army, and that is how I want to approach the eldar.

Looking at the imperial guard, my friend Ernie and I have been talking alot about the project. I am really itching to create a bullets and fire army. The Paint or Die! contest is a good excuse for me to get a foundation in place for the army so I can start playing it sooner without diving directly into IG or needing to buy alot of new stuff. I am also happy that I am getting to work on a project with someone, and hopefully two more people will join the project, as I would like to target it's completion for entry into next year's Adepticon Team Tournament.

Speaking of joining, if anyone is seriously interested in becoming a member of the team and would like to paint an Imperial Guard army in the primary colors we are using, I would love to hear from you. I have been talking with a few folks, but I would like to find two committed guys/gals that want to spend a year slowly building complementary armies. I want each of us to build a 1000 points (more on that next week) of Imperial Guard that looks great together. I also want us to have a TON of fun doing it. A solid theme and good times are more important to me than having the most tactically sound joint army on the board. (more on this aspect after Paint or Die! is over.)

On a tangent thought, I have learned something very important about polls like this one. I need to only have specific options and not vague choices like "other". It is driving me nuts wondering what those votes actually meant. This could just be another symptom of the DayQuil withdrawal. If you voted other, can you please let me know why in the comments of the post.

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  1. It looks to me like you've already made up your mind about doing Imperial Guard, so I'd say, go with it!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the "Other" votes, maybe they just wanted you to do space marines... :D