Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paint or Die! A RoW Painting Contest.

Rites of War Painting Contest

Rites of War is a great site for hobbyist. The community is very active and friendly. They support the hobby and run lots of great contests. I highly recommend them and endorse this awesome contest.

The Concept is rather Simple. You choose an army of 1000 points to paint. You have 6 weeks from the start date to completely build, model , paint & base your 1000 points. You must update a blog with your progress weekly. At the end of the 6 weeks anyone who has completed their project will earn a "Paint or Die" Award as well as be entered in Paint Contest with the other participants In which the entire membership votes to determine 1st and 2nd place winners. Those winners split the entry fees in a 60/30 manner (10% covers fees) .

Entering the Contest:
Simply Make a 1000 Point list for Warhammer Fantasy Battles or Warhammer 40k. Either email this list to or PM it to Servius over at Rites of War with the Subject Heading "Paint of Die Entry" Your list MUST be accepted for you to compete. (We don't want 4 or 5 models armies being entered. So leave the Stegadon List at home.) Once your list has been accepted, you will be given information on how to pay the entry (Paypal is being used, if you do not have an account we can work out arrangements.) And your Blog will be started.


What can I have done before the contest begins?
Your army may be build and primed with no more than 5 models fully painted
in the scheme you will be using (Cavalry Models count as 2 models, 40mm Monsters count as 2 models, 50mm monsters count as 3 models. Anything larger such as chariots and larger monsters count as 4 models.) All other models should be no further than Primer. If in the case you are repainting an army this is
acceptable as long as the scheme is different than the current one.

Do I have to do the Blog?
Not really, but it is in your best interests to do so. At the end of the weekly Blog Deadline a public vote will be held to determine the weekly favorite blog. The winner of this vote will get a +1 to their vote in the final contest.

How are the Blogs going to work?
There will be a new Forum Category called Paint or Die!. In this Category will be a lobby which anyone can post in. Then a Sub-Forum for each participants blog. Only the respective Participant may post in their blog. All other comments will be made in the Open Lobby.

Is there any other requirements?
Yes, Just 2. One you must send a picture of your 1000 points in its built condition but before painting, This is to assure you painted the army and that it wasn't an old one you touched up. The other requirement is to have Fun!

On the List, What do I count and what do I leave out?
Leave out anything that won't be modeled on the final models. Things like wizard levels, scrolls, Magic Banner, ETC shouldn't be included on your list. If it is. You MUST make an effort to model them. Example. If I was giving a unit the Griffon Banner It should be a griffon banner.. not just a regular banner. So Freehand or Modeled in some way would be required.. I will point out what you would have to specifically model in your list. Also Make sure the list is at least 1000 points. It can be more. 997 or 995 will not be accepted.

How much is the Entry Fee?
$10.00 USD via Paypal. (other considerations will be accepted on a 1 on 1

What is the start date of the contest?
March 18th.

Paint or Die! is an event hosted and sponsored by Rites of War. Any questions regarding the contest should be addressed on their website or via the email provided above. Realms of Equinox is not responsible for the results of the contest or for any of the prize support listed above.


  1. Hi, I am seriously thinking about entering the contest. Is there a way to do so without joining the forums?

  2. I would email the big cheese Servius at and ask him. I would suggest checking the website out, as the rules were changed slightly (made better in my opinion).

  3. Its going to be a blast to do...and I may finally catch up ( mostly ) with all the marines I need to build.

  4. I agree Emperor Cheney! I am working on a list that will be my bridge between my current project (the Emerald Eye) and my next project after the competition.

    Rite of War has become my favorite hobby site and competitions like this one, as well as the other cool stuff the site does, makes it one of the better forums.