Monday, May 23, 2011

40K - Is It Time?

With the Outpost Gaming League over and my last game for the Garagehammer Campaign happening tonight, I am left wondering what I want to do next with my hobby. I find myself being drawn back to 40K and wanting to spend a little less time with Fantasy as of late. Don't get me wrong, I still love the game and want to play it, I just have the urge to do more with round based models.

The problem I am having is that there are to many options and I cannot get myself to settle down on a specific one in order to focus. I think what is creating this renewed interest in 40K is the coming of a new Necron codex. However, I also keep finding myself circling back to the Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar books for ideas as well.

So to my readers, is it time I jump back into 40K?


  1. Yeah man you should!
    I've just started and I'm having fun with it.
    If I were to choose out of the three you listed I would say Dark Eldar or Necrons. Dark Eldar because they just had a reboot and they have some great stuff going for them and Necrons because as you say new Codex.

  2. I've also recently started playing 40k. Picked up a Grey Knight codex at Adepticon and I now have 400 points painted and I'm working on my next batch of five guys.

    While I think that the relative "fun-ness" of any game owes a lot to the opponents you play, 40k seems pretty easy, fun and fast-moving. I'm really enjoying it.

  3. Roder - Totally agree about fun. How are you liking the Grey Knights?

    Warflake - The Dark Eldar just seem to have an allure that I cannot shake at the moment. My fear is that I will start them and get struck with hobby ADD after a few models. When the new necron book hits, I hopefully will just need to add some new units and not completely redo my army (though I am going to re-base it).

  4. Well, with an HQ choice that's only 25 points, I'm able to still get a Dreadknight in my list, even at 400 points. I know it'll get crushed at larger point games as it's too tall to get cover from my razorbacks, but as of right now he's crushing.

    Tough to say overall how I feel about the list. I'm brand-new to 40k and don't have any frame of reference to compare it to. I just like their fluff/models/paint job, so as far as that goes I dig them, but I can't make any recommendations or critique the codex with any authority.