Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Raising the Dead – Part Four

Keeping with the theme of the army, I wanted to include a unit of Sepulcheral Stalkers. I like the models and think the rules are interesting enough that they could prove to be fun when fielded. Since this unit was an automatic for me, I figured I would use today’s entry to discuss my overall theme for the army.

When developing a theme, I like to search for imagery that grabs my attention and is within my ability to replicate. As of late, I have been on a kick doing nude imagery on banners and vehicles. Maybe it is some kind of hidden fetish, but I like to paint naked women. Along these lines, I wanted to have some eye catching banners that used my current interests but also seemed to fit within the fluff of the tomb kings. This search for a theme lead me to examining the Khalida model.

I really love the Khalida model, but since most folks shun special characters and she is too expensive for a 1000 points, the best she could be for now was inspiration. She did give me the idea though of looking up the Egyptian pantheon and finding a goddess that has some kind of relationship to snakes. While my research was not extensive, I did find the goddess Wadjet who was the protector of Egypt and the pharaohs. She is depicted as a woman with the head of a snake, though some depictions of her are the reverse with her head being human and her body being a serpent. Either way, she seemed like a cool goddess to use as a template for my army.

3 Sepulcheral Stalkers – 165 pts

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