Monday, May 9, 2011

Raising the Dead – Part Six

The last unit in my army is a regiment of skeleton archers. This is what I am calling a filler unit, as I will continue to add to it as I exceed the 1000 point foundation I am building. My ultimate goal is to have ~50 models in this unit when I reach the mythic 2000 points.

Now that I have access to a camera again, I can update everyone on what I am doing from a modeling perspective. When it comes to this army, my goal is to have every model in it have some level of conversion work. Not an easy task, but one that has seemed to given me inspiration.

One of the ideas that I had for this army was that the basic skeletons would be smaller than the more elite ones that form tomb guard units and characters. When it comes to the models, I decided to use the vampire count skeletons as a base for them. For the bows, I am using the ones off the glade guard kit. Amazingly, if you hunt around, you can build a 10 man unit of these guys for ~$10.00. To further make them appear more like tomb king models, I added green stuff to the model in the form of bandages and rags.

15 Skeleton Archers w/ Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer - 120 points

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