Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raising the Dead - Part Seven

When it came to the design of my hierophant, I wanted it to remain more skeletal than a “typical” mummy. I also wanted it to be larger and standout when compared to the more basic skeletons that would be used for the archers.

I started the conversion by using a basic skeleton from the tomb king kit. I swapped out a plain skull for one that was more ornamental in design from the chariot kit. Next, I took two arms from the tomb king archer kit. Once assembled, I used green stuff to create additional bandages and brown stuff for the metal bands and heavy leather sections. On the back of the model I added a couple of plastic chains from the marauder kit.

When it came to the staff, I used a plasticard rod for the staff and topped it with a bit from the high elf range. I created some wraps using green stuff. Once the green stuff was dry, I applied a bit from a spear and a chain bit with a skull from the marauder kit.

Introducing Remus Tut the Unleashed


  1. Those are some great modeling skills. He looks fantastic.