Sunday, May 1, 2011

Raising the Dead – Part One

At the end of this week, we see the release of the much anticipated Tomb Kings book. Unlike the Orc and Goblins release from March, I am very excited at the release of the new rules and models. Since being announced, I have been playing around with ideas for a small army to be used at next year’s 1000 point tournament at Adepticon. Today I begin the process of spelling out what the army will look like in the months ahead.

One of the few things that my Dogs of War share with the new Tomb Kings book is that I am required to field a specific type of character in every army build. Every army is required to field a hierophant. The purpose of the character is to raise the army and acts as the anchor for it staying on the board. Similar to a vampire count, the army will crumble if the hierophant is killed.

When it came to deciding on what level of hierophant to use in the army, the process came down to whether or not it was going to play an active role in the game or just be very passive and basically hidden to avoid harm. In the end, I decided that I really want him to play an active role, so I elected to go with a liche high priest.

Another important rule about the hierophant is that it must take the Lore of Nehekhara. The interesting thing about this lore is that the augment spells can affect all friendly units when cast at the higher levels. Considering that, I felt that I needed to have a level 3 caster to give me a reasonable chance to get off the desired spells.

Since the loss of the hierophant will cause my army to crumble, I felt I should spend some points to provide him with a reasonable level of protection. To this end, I gave him the 5+ ward save talisman. Maybe not the best kit, but should provide enough protection against the well aimed cannonball or such.

Liche High Priest w/ 5+ Ward Save – 205 pts

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