Monday, May 2, 2011

Raising the Dead – Part Two

In addition to the hierophant, I have decided to include a Tomb Prince in my army. Basically this guy is the general with a few additional perks to him. The two important ones are that he lends his WS to any unit he joins, very useful when placed in a unit, and his ability to curse the unit that kills him. A strange combination of rules as the one makes me want to protect him, while the other lends itself to making him a suicide bomber of sorts. In the end, I think it would be foolish to use him as a suicide unit, so I am treating the second ability as simply a nice to have when things go sour for him.

When it came to how I was going to kit him out, I knew early on that he was going to ride a chariot. My whole reason for doing this army was to include a monster block of chariots in the army. At a 1000 points, that monster block is not really that monstrous, but it is still large enough that I wanted for him to be riding a chariot to accompany the core choice.

As for equipment, I began with deciding on a magical weapon for him. Since he will be in a unit of chariots that are going to hit at a very low initiative, I decided to give him the I 10 sword. Also, since the overall theme of the army is that they are dedicated to the worship of a snake goddess, it seemed to make narrative sense that the weapon his goddess gifted him with would allow him to strike quickly like a cobra.

Next, I gave him the talisman that grants a 2+ ward save against flaming attacks. Since these guys are flammable, I am betting that my opponents will target such attacks at him. I don’t think this strategy will happen a lot, but I do expect it to happen enough that the 5 point investment is worth it.

The last item I have him was the enchanted item that allows him and any unit he joins a 6+ ward save against warmachines. Again, for a few points, the addition of a ward save seems worth the cost.

Tomb Prince w/ Int 10 sword, 2+ ward save against flaming attacks, 6+ ward against war machines and a chariot - 180 points

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