Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Raising the Dead – Part Three

Typically I would dive into the core units after exploring my lord and hero choices, but for today’s entry, I wanted to explore the rare choice I plan to include in the army. The new book allows for a lot of cool choices, so deciding on only one was a bit of a challenge. Using the advice I have given others, I decided to narrow down my choices to the ones that fit into the theme and strategy of my army. Using that advice, the necrosphinx and necrolith colossus were out of contention.

Of the remaining choices, I quickly decided that I did not have an idea for how to make a screaming skull catapult that would fit into my theme. This left me with the hierotitan and casket of souls. One of the advantages of both units is that they help with the magic phase. In the case of the hierotitan, it grants an extra d3 to each friendly spell cast within 12” of the construct. In comparison, the casket of souls adds an additional d3 power dice to the pool. Between the two choices, the ability of the hierotitan seems to be less useful when there is only one friendly caster on the board. In contrast, the additional power dice can be used by both the hierophant and casket.

While the edge goes to the casket, I still wanted to compare the two units, as each also offers a certain degree of offensive capability. Again, both units play a role in the magic phase. The ability of the casket is to cast a bound spell that causes an enemy unit to take a leadership test on 3d6 dice. If the test is failed, the unit loses the difference in wounds with no saves allowed. On the other hand, the giant can cast two spells; Shem's Burning Gaze (light) and Spirit Leech (death). Here as well, I just felt that the ability of the casket was more appropriate to my game plan.

Casket of Souls – 135 pts

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