Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Rival List for 03/27/2010

The Rival List for 03/27/2010

10. The Fallen Princes
Very cool warlock and ranger diorama.

9. Dilusions of Grandeur
I really like the conversion work on these Tyranid Harpies. A great use of various kits without the need for massive amounts of green stuff.

8. Dakka Dakka Daz
I found this paint scheme to be eye catching.

7. Constantly Risking Obscurity
Seems like the fantasy side came out this week and this awesome conversion was shown off. I love the giant rat mount.

6. A Gentleman's Ones
While the following model is being used for 40K, it is based on the new minotaur kit and looks great. Blood Angels should be afraid!

5. The Dead Tau Project
First, I love the cake. Second, I enjoyed looking at the various armies.

4. The Tau of War
A pretty sweet conversion that uses space marine bitz to give some bulk to a crisis suit. I especially like the double flamer conversion.

3. Green Stuff Sculpting
Never heard of Miniature Mentors until I saw this blog. The review of the newest video in the series is well written and makes me want to watch it. Overall, a great blog that links folks to other blogs about sculpting.

2. Hungry Ghost Chaos Squats of Khorne
While squats have become extinct in the 40K universe, there are those that still love to model them. HGCSoK has done some amazing conversions for his insanely original squat army.

1. The Lair of the Breviks
I wish I could remember the exact wording of a quote I recently read, but the basic idea was that if you focus on perfection, you will never become good. This entry by The Lair of the Breviks talks about the same idea and how it was impacting his hobby. The good news is that he got past the "need" for perfection, and in the process, painted a perfect model.

Honorable Mentions

This blog entry has nothing to do with 40K, WFB or anything related to GW. With that said, it appeared on one GW related blog and thought it was a very cool video. What I find most interesting is that it looks like the cuttlefish was actually hovering just to the edge of the camera's view before attacking. I love to snorkel and dive, and have yet to capture anything remotely as cool as this video.

Ninja Bread
I wish I would have caught this post last week as it would have easily made the top ten. I have long pondered doing a Thousand Sons army using red and gold instead of the traditional blue and gold. Ninja Bread not only beat me to the punch, but he knocked me out with his first model.

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