Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Rival List for 03/20/2010

The Rival List is my attempt at an alternate top 10 list from the one done by Ryan. I don’t know if this is going to be a regular entry on my blog or just something more in the moment. What I do know is that I am interested to read his list each week after I finish mine and see how we compare and differ.

When it comes to writing the list, I am taking a general approach and picking anything related to the GW hobby that captures my attention and inspires me to hobby more. I am also approaching my version a little bit different from Ryan’s list by giving a brief explanation of why I liked the post. There are alot of great blogs and posts each week, so I hope noone gets offended by my selections. With that said, if people disagree with my choices, feel free to post in the comments, as I love to discuss these kind of zany things.

The Rival List for 03/20/2010

10. Dark Future Gaming
I love the Mega Dread kit. This post is a great example of someone making the most of it.

9. Corbania Prime
I really like this conversion and think it adds a lot of character to an army.

8. Black Red Studio
What got my attention was the contrast between the green fuel containers and the tanks camouflage scheme.

7. Pink Tyranids
Just found these models to be original and interesting.

6. Extremis Diabolus
Very nice work on the GW woods kit. A great example of why a good choice of colors and a smooth paint scheme can make for great results.

5. Simon Modrow
Generally, I find dreadnoughts to be boring models. The following conversion is an interesting twist that maintains the general design of the model while giving it some more character.

4. The Grumpy Stunty
Did not see a lot of fantasy posts this week. That said, this one would be on my top ten list regardless. Fantasy armies just require a lot more out of painter because of the requirements of the game. This entry shows off a dwarf regiment that I thought looked good.

3. Tyranid Review 2 Months later
When a book is first released, there will be an obscene number of reviews about it. I like that someone took the time after a few months of actually playing with the book and letting the hype cooldown to write a follow-up review.

2. 40K Hobby Blog
Rust and Details on a pair of IG Tanks.

1. Its Like Watching Paint Dry
Sometimes I think people get so hung up on conversions and such that they overlook unaltered models that are painted to a high standard. This example of Njal is very crisp and clean, which is the style I prefer.

Honorable Mention
The honorable mention is reserved for an older blog entry or an oddball one that I feel deserves getting some notice.

Corbania Prime
I am a father first and foremost. While reading about the hobby is great, this post from Corbania Prime was just a joy to read. It may be one of those posts that you cannot fully appreciate until you are a parent, but as one, reading it made me smile.


  1. Thanks for the links mates, glad you liked the stretcher bearers and I'm chuffed you liked the kids post. Sometimes I think that people don't like it when I post about the kids, so reading your comments has really made my day.

    (From one hobby dad to another ;-)

  2. Hey, good to see i'm not the only one who took up Ryan's suggestion. I like your list a lot. You take the time to detail exactly what you like about each one, which helps me as a reader.

    Keep it up!

    And the Dwarfs took my eye too :)

    my list is at

  3. thank you for the feedback, making a weekly ranking is a really nice idea!