Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the Bench: Vespero's Vendetta

To start the process of painting Vespero, I applied a coat of white primer (Army Painter White Base). Next I applied a coat of Hexed Purple and Red Gore to the shirt and cloak respectively.

Next, I basecoated the leather areas with Scorched Brown.

The remainder of the basecoating was accomplished by:
1. Basecoat of Reaper Brown Leather to paints.
2. Basecoat of Vallejo Dark Grey to the sword blades.
3. Basecoat of 50/50 Black Grey/Chaos Black to the hair.
4. Basecoat of Vallejo Desert Brown to the skull.
5. Basecoat of Reaper Chestnut Gold (09073)

Next, the model is given a series of washes and inks.
1. The dark leather sections are given a 2:1 Brown Ink wash.
2. The gold sections are given a straight GW Sepia Wash followed by the brown ink wash used for the leather in the deepest parts.
3. The skull is given a Brown Ink/Black Ink wash (8:1:8, brown:black:thinner).

The cloak was completed using the following scheme.
1. Basecoat with Scab Red (4:1)
2. Wash deepest parts with Badab Black (1:1, wash:thinner)
3. Several layers of Scab Red (2:2:1, paint:glaze:thinner)
4. A couple layers of Scab Red/Red Gore (2:2:1:1, Scab:Gore:glaze:thinner)
5. A couple layers of Red Gore (4:1:1, Gore:glaze:thinner)
6. A couple thin layers of Red Gore/Blood Red (2:2:1:1, Blood:Gore:glaze:thinner)
7. Add a drop of Vomit Brown & Skull White to the last mix.
8. Add two drops of Vomit Brown & Skull White to the last mix.

I completed the “gold” sections using the same formula I have been using with my IG.
Reaper Chestnut Gold (09073) (4:1, paint:thinner)
4/1 Mix Chesnut Gold/Palomino
2/2 Mix Chesnut Gold/Palomino
Palomino Gold (4:1, paint:thinner)
2/2 Mix Palomino Gold/Buckskin Pale
Buckskin Pale (4:1, paint:thinner)

The base was painted with a heavy wash of dark flesh, followed by dry brushing one layer of each of the following colors: Scorched Brown, Beasty Brown, Snakebite Leather, and Dark Sand.

Vespero's sword and dagger were painted by slowly layering London Grey, followed by Light Grey and finally Skull White. Each layer was mixed with a large helping of Vallejo Glaze Medium and a decent amount of thinner.

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