Wednesday, December 14, 2011

@1000 Points, Which is Better?

A simple question that I hope will generate some ideas for me...

@ 1000 points, which is better?

1 Gorger & 1 Ironblaster


1 Stonehorn

I would love to read the reason behind why people would select one choice over another. Also, those are the two choices, I am not considering other options for this situation.


  1. I'd say Stonehorn. There are fewer cannon at 1k so it likely won't be shot down too easily, plus it'll tear through smaller sized blocks of infantry no problem, which should be fairly common at 1k.

    Gorger... eh, just don't see him as useful at any points level nowadays. The Ironblaster is cool, but again, there are only so many monsters at 1k and if you have any Ironguts you should be able to take them out.

  2. @Max - Thanks for the great feedback and suggestions!