Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Declaring War on Flatcon

This seems to be the year that Ernie and I are finally going to make our way to Flatcon for their yearly team tournament. We have talked about it for the past two years, but every year I have something come up that gets in the way. This year looks to be different, so we have decided to risk it all and prepare for war.

The original plan over the past two years has been for both of us to bring Imperial Guard armies. While Ernie has more than completed his side of our joint effort, my ADD has misdirected me on many occasions and hindered me from finish my dream IG force. Since we only have 82 days until this year's tournament, I needed to settle on whether or not I was going to go and what I would be bringing to the battle.

Based on discussions Ernie and I have had since Invasion Kenosha III, here is have been considering for IG.

Command Company w/ Creed, vox caster, 3 plasma guns and 2 body guards = 230 points
The idea is the Creed can issue 4 orders per turn within a 24” range. I want to make sure that I am hitting with my heavy weapons, so I thought it would be wise to add a vox caster so that orders to the units with lascannons & vox casters are more likely to hit. The remaining 3 guardsmen would all be given plasma rifles so that I can take out any threats that get too close to the command unit. The bodyguards are there to keep Creed alive and suck-up wounds.

Veteran Squad w/ Harker, 3 snipers, heavy bolter team and vox caster = 155 points
This is my anti-monstrous creature team. The squad has 2 heavy bolters (Harker carries one) and 3 sniper rifles, which should allow me to target stuff like trygons and carnifexes. Honestly, this is my fluff unit and I only want to take it since I love how the painting came out on it.

Infantry Platoon = 615 points
Infantry Platoon Command w/ missile launcher = 45 points
2 Infantry Platoons with lascannon and vox caster = 75 points each (150 points)
3 Heavy Weapons Teams w/ 3 x autocannons = 75 points each (225 points)
1 Heavy Weapons Team w/ 3 x missile launchers = 90 points
1 Heavy Weapons Team w/ 3 x lascannons = 105 points
Since Creed can issue ‘Bring the Big One Down’ 4 times a turn, that means four of my heavy weapon teams have the potential to fire their weapons as twin linked. My thought with the heavy weapons was that the autocannons would be good for dealing with transports. The lascannons and missile launchers would be good for dealing with AV13 & AV14 vehicles. I thought I could drop one vox from an infantry platoon and just combine the two units during deployment.

The problem with the list is that while I prefer to play IG, I tend to overestimate my ability to get stuff done, and the above list will require some serious dedication and scheduling to complete in time for Flatcon.

The other option I have is Grey Knights. I have been picking at GK models since starting the IG with the intention of using them as allies. With that option now dead, I am left with some models that fit the scheme Ernie and I have painted for IG, but provides a different style of play to compliment Ernie's force.  Tomorrow I will post the potential list I am considering.

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