Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Defending Humanity - Invasion Kenosha 3 Article (Part 2)

Defending Humanity has posted the next article in his series on Invasion Kenosha 3.  You can check it out here. I especially like this article because it includes a battle report against my good friend Ernie (Mr. Single Point at a Tournament).


  1. But I like my battle flag and medics. What's an IG army without a battle flag? [Successful?]

  2. And, and, how can I afford my exceedingly sneaky and subtly converted Ratlings if I've spent all my points on badass Vendettas? I mean tourneys have point limits, ya' know.

  3. There in lies the problem we have Ernie, these kids today actual play to win their games. 20 years of hobbyist philosophy has been thrown out the window. We must foregoe our flags, medics, and rarely seen units if we are to adapt to this new age.

    As for the ratlings, there is always room for a trio of them. It would simply be unforgivable for us to field an army and not have some of those furry toed snipers protecting the troops.

  4. Aaaaaah, I'm being sucked into the warp!! The Dark Eldar have me. "Fly you fools!"

    And bodyguards. My one battle point came from keeping Captain Shaka alive in the second game.