Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Five - Feb 2011 Edition

original image taken from without permission.

The five best things about Special Operations: Killzone.

5. Overwatch – A rule from second edition makes it return to the game.

4. Missions – The Killzone team knocked this one out of the park by providing players with 18 missions.

3. Kill Teams – Seems kind of obvious, but there is something cool about being able to play a game with only a few models. This approach is great for folks like me that like to dip into certain armies without feeling the need to dive into them like standard 40K.

2. Themes – The army building rules allow for kill teams to be built around themes. This gives the game a sense of balance and really lets a person be creative using the existing codices.

1. Strategic but Small – I think some people have the misconception that Killzone games lack depth because of the small size. It is actually the opposite, as every model acts on its own and you are playing games on very terrain dense boards. The priority rules also make it that the game is always changing and you can be caught by surprise.


  1. You did well to stop at five!

    Overwatch is a blessing with the I-go-you-go system, but works best in smaller games, as here. I hope the next edition of 40K looks closely at Kill Zone and other fan-made projects for insights into where things are going wrong with the larger game.

  2. @Porky - Greetings! I agree. I wish GW would look at how their games scale more. Both 40K and WFB need to have skirmish level rules to allow for the game to be more attractive to a larger audience. I believe this is one of the reasons Warmachines has had such a surge in popularity. It is just so much easier to get started in the game or with a new army.

    Smaller sizes also allow for more depth in the rules. I agree that overwatch would breakdown if you were trying to use it in a 1750 game. It would also make games take a lot longer.

    I wonder how much longer before we do start hearing about 6th edition.