Friday, February 18, 2011

On the Bench: Tau Firewarrior [Zoning Out Week]

I must apologize in advance, as today’s On the Bench is a little dated in terms of when this model was painted. That said, some of the paints listed have changed names since I originally completed this model. That said, the names are not so radically different that I felt it was necessary for me to update them. If anyone does have a question, let me know and I can help match the color to the current range.

To start the process of painting this firewarrior, I used black primer followed by a wash of coal black. The reason I use this approach is to avoid the primer being applied to heavily while still giving the model complete coverage.

When it came to the red sections, I start with a base coat of Vallejo Black Red/Scar Red (4:1:1). The base coat was followed by a layer of Scar Red/Vallejo Black Red (8:1:2). Next, I applied a few layers of Scar Red mixed with Blood Red, each layer using a little more Blood Red. As I reach the conclusion of the red areas, I start to use a mixture of Blood Red/Orange Fire/Scab Red for highlights. My last highlight is accomplished using an Orange Fire/Blood Red mixture. Once the layers have dried, I use a glaze of Vallejo Transparent Red that has been heavily diluted with thinner.

The leather areas of the model were accomplished by starting with a base coat of Charred Brown. This was followed by a layer of Bestial Brown. Next, a mixture of Terra Earth and Bestial Brown was applied as a highlight. The final layer was an extreme highlight of Terra Earth.

The White sections of the model were painted using a base layer of Cold Grey. This was followed by a layer of Stonewall. The next few layers were a mixture of Stonewall and Skull White, with each layer transitioning closer to white. The final highlight was a straight application of Skull White.

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