Monday, February 7, 2011

The Monday Match-up for 02/07/2011

Monday Match-up for 02/07/2011

The Scenario
This game will be played using the Watchtower scenario on a 4'x4' table.

The Board

The Army
Wight King w/Tomb Blade & The Flayed Hauberk 125 pts
Necromancer w/ additional spell & power stone 90 pts
10 Skeletons w/ full cmd 100 pts
15 Skeletons w/ std (Banner of the Dead Legion) 153 pts
5 Grave Guard w/ full cmd & Icon of Vengence 115 pts
5 Black Knights w/ std & hell knight 144 pts
4 Cairn Wraiths w/ Banshee 225 pts
Total 952

(Apologies to my readers for not having this list in the usual format.)

Special Conditions

1. The table is 4'x4'.

Readers - If you have a list that you would like to appear in an upcoming Monday Match-up, send it to me at

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