Monday, February 14, 2011

Cheddar Bowl IV - Equinox's Cheddar Ticket

Cheddar Bowl IV
Two days of great Warhammer fun in Titletown, WI
March 5th and 6th, 2011
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay Campus
Phoenix Room B
2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, WI, 54311

Well, I need to pass on the Cheddar Bowl for another year due to conflicts with work. Since my entry is already paid, I would like to give it to someone who is not on the list below. The only requirement is that you must use it and not already be entered into the tournament. If you meet both requirements, please email me ( and we can make arrangements.

1. Miel Vermullen, Milwaukee, WI-Vampire Counts (Free Admission! *)
2. John Gaszak, Kenosha, WI-Ogres($)
3. Ryan Golke, Waupaca-Ogres ($)
4. Sean Carreros, Milwaukee, WI-Daemons of Chaos (Free Admission!*)
5. Matt Herrbold, Appleton, WI-Skaven
6. Matt Jayjack, Appleton, WI-Ogres
7. Paul Wagner, Madison, WI-Warriors of Chaos
8. Danny Seaton, Milwaukee, WI-Lizardmen ($*)
9. Matthew Koopman, Madison, WI-Wood Elves ($)
10. Eric Lenz, Milwaukee, WI-beasts of chaos ($*)
11. Mike Gerold, Minnesota-Brettonians ($)
12. Kevin Bruins, Decorah, Iowa-Undecided
13. Josh scott, Green Bay-Undecided (*)
14. Mike Piotrowski, Madison-Lizardmen
15. Dave Bednarek, Milwaukee-Wood Elves (*)
16. Andrew Greiling, Green Bay-Daemons (*)
17. Robert Elmer, Madison-warriors of chaos ($)
18. Alex Bernstein, milwaukee-high elves
19. Brandon Semerau, milwaukee-skaven
20. Dan Ruud, madison-Daemons of chaos ($)
21. Joe Rodgers, Steven's Point-Dogs of War ($)

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