Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adepticon 2011: 1000 Point WFB Tournament - Part Two

Since my last update, the big news has been that Adepticon has decided to use the Indy GT Dogs of War book instead of the GW PDF. As of this blog entry, I am still adjusting to the new army book and deciding how my final list will look for the tournament.

One of the important differences between the GW PDF and the Indy GT book is that I can actual field more models. In general, many of the RoR units have been given a point reduction. One example would be the Cursed Company which went from 305 points to ~235 points. That makes a big difference and suddenly makes the regiment a better option.

Another key difference between the old and new list is the addition of some new units. One example is the Mercenary Prince, a lord choice with a couple of very cool rules. One of these rules allows me to upgrade a generic DoW unit with either a +1 to the unit's armour save or give the unit armour piercing. The other rule allows me to purchase a magical banner for a unit.

Another new unit is mercenary elves as a rare choice. This unit has gotten my attention as I am quickly falling in love with the idea of a mercenary army of archers/crossbowmen. The Indy GT book offers 10+ units that have some form of shooting attack. There are the usual standbys of crossbowmen and cannons, but there are also dwarves, elves, halflings and mounted crossbowmen. There is all of that before even hitting the RoR units.

Below is a draft list that I am exploring at the moment.

Paymaster w/ heavy armour, shield, master of intrigue 81 pts
Hireling Wizard w/ channeller, arabyan tome & level 2 (lore of metal) 135 pts

Vespero's Vendetta 120 pts
Crossbowmen (Marksmen of Vespero) w/ musician and champion 95 pts
Crossbowmen w/ musician, standard, and champion 113 pts

Cursed Company 235 pts
Mercenary Ogres w/ musician and hand weapons 124 pts

Mercenary Cannon 85 pts

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