Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the Bench: Broodlord [Zoning Out Week]

Today’s On the Bench article covers the process of painting my broodlord. The process began with priming it with a coat of GW White primer. Once the primer was dry, I completed the process of painting the purple sections of the model.

Note: The last number in each ratio designates the amount of thinner I used for that step.

Vallejo Royal Purple 4:1
Vallejo Hexed Purple 4:1
Vallejo Hexed Purple/Blue Violet 4:1:1
Vallejo Hexed Purple/Blue Violet/Skull White 4:1:1:1
Vallejo Hexed Purple/Blue Violet/Skull White 4:1:2:2
Vallejo Hexed Purple/Blue Violet/Skull White 1:1:1:1

Once the purple section was completed, I next tackled the carapace areas of the model.
Vallejo Scorched Brown 4:1
Vallejo Scorched Brown/Plague Brown 8:1:2
Vallejo Scorched Brown/Plague Brown 4:1:1
Vallejo Scorched Brown/Plague Brown 2:2:1
Vallejo Scorched Brown/Plague Brown 1:4:1
Vallejo Plague Brown 4:1
Vallejo Plague Brown/Sunblast 8:1
+1 drop of Vallejo Bleached Bone per 8:1 mixture of Plague Brown/Sunblast

The claws/talons were completed using the following painting scheme.
Terra Earth 4:1
Terra Earth/Bone White 8:1:2
Terra Earth/Bone White 4:1:1
Terra Earth/Bone White 2:2:1
Terra Earth/Bone White 1:4:1
Terra Earth/Bone White 1:8:2
Bone White 4:1

The tongue was completed using the following scheme.
Vallejo Warlock Purple 4:1
Vallejo Warlock Purple/Squid Pink 1:2:1
Squid Pink 4:1
Squid Pink/Skull White 4:1:1
Squid Pink/Skull White 2:2:1

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