Saturday, February 5, 2011

Empire vs. Dogs of War Battle Report

The paymaster stared at the tower that was being held by a regiment of Imperial handgunners. The townsfolk had grown tired of the taxation forced upon them by the empire and had hired the Coin Collectors to free them from their shackles.

“Should I send in Vespero?”

“His talents are needed elsewhere at the moment,” replied the paymaster.

“If not him and his men, how do you expect to get past the gunmen locked inside?” responded the paymaster second in command.

“You should know by now that I always bring a skeleton key,” retorted the paymaster as his gaze fell upon the Cursed Company.

In this battle report, I played Kevin from UGG. The scenario was Watchtower at 1000 points. My list for this battle was my default DoW list. Kevin brought his knight themed Empire army. His army was built around a huge block of knights, a unit of hand gunners in the tower and a back-up unit of state troops.

Overall, the game lacked a lot of depth and details as the game was going to be decided between my Cursed Company and his handgunners. As I continued to dwindle down his numbers in the tower, he moved his knights about, decimating my other units. At one point, I did think I got the majority of the regiment with a well rolled combination of pit of shades and miasma. The template deviated right on top of the unit and I had dropped all stats by 3. Needless to say, my opponent only lost 2 knights out of 13+. Seemed odd, but since this was a casual game I didn’t think much of it.

In the end, the Cursed Company claimed the tower and won me the game. This was first victory with DoW in 8th edition, so I was very excited about the win. Sadly, I feel this victory had more to do with my opponent’s army than my actual skills as a general. The knights were wiping out my units as they went, but once I got inside the tower, they were pretty much useless.

Lessons Learned…
1. Focus on the objectives of the game. The large block of knights was useless once I captured the tower.
2. I really like the Lore of Shadows, but I think it is time to try another lore.
3. Insist that my opponent rolls his dice where I can see them and that they pick-up failures, not successes, when removing dice.

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