Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Preparing to Invade - Part One

Invasion Kenosha II image provided by Full of Monkey Designs

As part of the preparations for the next Invasion, construction of the theme for each set of tables has begun. Invasion Kenosha III is using a pod approach to pairing and scenarios. In this approach, players are assigned to pods of 8 players each. Each round of the tournament, a pod will be assigned to a certain set of tables. The scenarios are written to reflect the table set, thus allowing for more creative scenarios that may rely on specific terrain pieces without needing to construct 16 pieces or forcing players to bring additional materials.

Another aspect of Invasion Kenosha is the running story that started last year. The overall arc is called Old Magic and involves the return of some ancient adversaries that predate the old ones. During last year’s chapter, the enigmatic Chronomancer captured a powerful artifact called the Orb of Kronos. At the end of the tournament, it was revealed that the Chronomancer now had the means to free his “brothers” from whatever prison was holding them.

Bringing this back to the topic of terrain, Invasion Kenosha III picks up the story with the goal of having the next chapter reflected in the scenarios and terrain. Like last year, each scenario will have an opening narrative, but this time, players will also get a visual of what is happening via the terrain. I have some wild ideas at the moment, so I need to narrow them down and make sure that what I want to accomplish with the terrain is possible. I am fortune that Andrew and the NIMGC have offered to assist and building terrain for a few tables.

Again, while the specific themes are still being hammered out, I can share a couple of generalities about the terrain. The first one is that every table will have some large, line-of-sight blocking pieces. I am of the opinion that LOS rules now require these kinds of terrain in order to play a more balanced game. Another generality about the terrain is that games will be played on 6’ x 4’ battlefields, so my expectation is that each board will have a lot of terrain.

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