Friday, January 14, 2011

On the Bench: Crossbowmen [Base Coats]

Today's edition of On the Bench is going to be a little different as I am going to focus on only the base coats for a model and use future editions to cover specific color schemes. I wanted to try base coating everything first and than doing the highlighting in phases to see if the results were different with regards to quality or completion time.

The Base
The base coat for the base is a diluted coat of Vallejo Dark Flesh followed by a wash of GW Devan Mud.

The Khaki Sections
The base coat for the pants and bandages was a mixture of Vallejo Khaki and Vallejo Bestial Brown (8:1). This was applied in multiple layers until the model had smooth coverage.

The Purple Sections
The base coat for the shirt and hat were accomplished using a coat of Vallejo Hexed Purple and a wash of GW Purple.


The skin was painted using a slightly thinned coat of GW Tallarn and a wash of GW Ogre Fleshtone.

Red and Gold Sections

The red section was given a base coat of Vallejo Heavy Red. [Note: The Vallejo Heavy line is one of the few examples of a Vallejo product being inferior to a GW version. The Vallejo heavy colors just don't cover like the GW Foundation paints.]

The gold sections were given a base coat of Reaper Chestnut Gold and a wash of diluted Vallejo Brown Ink.

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