Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adepticon 2011: It’s How You Use It - 1000 Point WFB Tournament

Since I have decided to try and play more in 2011, it only seemed right that I give Adepticon another chance and attend purely as a player. I don't hide the fact that in the past I have been pretty hard on the convention, but this is a new year, so I want to try and look at it under a new light.

Currently I am registered for three events, two of which I will share at a later date. Today, I just want to focus on the first event I am playing in at the convention.

Overall, while I love the 1000 point format, this particular rule set feels to much like a 7th edition hangover. I especially dislike the ban on special characters, as it reduces the number of potential themes that can be done (i.e. Centigor herd, Troll army, etc...). A better ban would have been to simply disallow lord level characters (unique or not) as it would have cut out most of the crap that can break small games.

What army I am going to play in the tournament was a simple choice for me. I love my Dogs of War, and will continue to play them every chance I can.

(The Hireling Wizard should be noted as a level 2, not a level 4.)

This is what I am calling the default list. Everything in this list is painted and ready to go. Is it the list I want to play at Adepticon, not really, but it is the list I can bring if life makes other demands and I don't have time to finish anymore projects.

When it comes to modifications or changes to the list, my first goal is to add another unit of crossbowmen. I have some ideas for a second unit, but I am also considering R's Armoured Orcs as an option. Either way, if I get another unit finished, the cursed company will be dropped to replace the new unit.


  1. oooh, Equinox will be in the how you use it tournament. Are you in the afternoon or evening tournament? If your in the afternoon one then I will see you there! I am still trying to decide if I am bringing my Dwarfs or going to figure out a High Elf army to bring.

  2. @Nix - I will be playing in the afternoon session. I look forward to meeting in person!

  3. Likewise! If we face each other I think loser should buy the first round afterward! Then again, I am probably just offering to buy the first rounds, so all is good!

  4. Sounds like a bet to me. Loser buys the first round!