Monday, January 10, 2011

The Monday Match-up for 01/10/2011

All over the internet, people post their army lists and look for feedback, but rarely do I read actual tactical comparisons between armies and how specific missions impact them. That is the goal of the Monday Match-up. Each week, I will post a mission, an army list, and maybe a few “conditions” that will influence how the game will be played. The idea is for readers to post the army they would be playing and how they would approach the mission considering the details provided.

Monday Match-up for 01/10/2011

The Scenario

Battle 1: Battleline (p 144)

The Board

(Image from the Chicago Battle Bunker)

The Army
01102011 Empire

Special Conditions
1. The board is a mess and needs to be set-up before you play. Your opponent is running late, so he left you a message that you can set-up the board however you want, just try and use as much of the terrain as possible. On a personal level, you want to be as fair as you can but make it an interesting set-up.

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