Monday, January 3, 2011

The Monday Match-up 01/03/2011

Welcome to a new weekly segment called the Monday Match-up. All over the internet, people post their army lists and look for feedback, but rarely do I read actual tactical comparisons between armies and how specific missions impact them. That is the goal of the Monday Match-up. Each week, I will post a mission, an army list, and maybe a few “conditions” that will influence how the game will be played. The idea is for readers to post the army they would be playing and how they would approach the mission considering the details provided.

Monday Match-up for 01/03/2011

The Mission

Annihilation using Pitched Battle deployment

The Board

The Army

01032011 Orks
(Ignore the 85 in the second row as that is a typo.)

Special Conditions

A couple of special conditions for this game:

1. The ork player will focus all of his units on one side of his deployment zone at the start of the game.
2. The ork player has made a point of stating that his main goal is to kill your HQ as revenge for a prior game. Having played this person before, you know that when he makes these kinds of statements, his tactics always reflect the declaration.

1 comment:

  1. At 1750, I would play my necron army. Typically this means Deceiver, ~20 warriors, ~8 Immortals, 4 Destroyers, 2 Heavy Destroyers, 2 Tomb Spyders, a unit of Pariahs and a lot of Wraiths. Since my opponent would be focusing on Deceiver, I would use his ability to move a deployed unit to bait my opponent with the intention to force as much movement out of him before he reaches my lines. I would also try to force the orks thru the ruins and trees, again in an attempt to slow him down and give my wraith units an advantage when assaulting.