Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Five - Jan 2011 Edition

What I always enjoy about any type of “Best of” list is the conversation that it generates. In particular I find it fun to read how individuals would change the list and their reasons for why the original is incorrect. “The Five” is my attempt at a monthly top five list related to the hobby.

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Who are the 5 most important supporting characters in the 40k Universe?

This month’s list is what I consider the five characters that have had the biggest influence on the current fluff without being in the main spotlight. We are not talking about the guys that books are based around, but the ones that get name dropped in stories. I also avoided any special characters which have actual game rules and/or models.

5. Arkhan Land
Arkhan Land was the technoarchaeologist that was responsible for finding the original designs that resulted in the land raider and land speeder.

4. Sebastian Thor
Sebastian Thor played a pivotal role in the defeat of Goge Vandire and the birth of the Sisters or Battle.

3. Inquisitor Kryptman
A desperate gambit to halt the Tyranid incursion has resulted in two races becoming stronger.

2. Commander Puretide
All of the Tau’s war philosophy originates with this guy.

1. The Dragon
The C’Tan at the heart of Mars is my choice for the most influential supporting character in the 40K universe because of its affect on the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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