Monday, May 18, 2009

On the Bench: Amethyst Veil (Retro Blog)

Turning Pewter into Gold

At this point in the process, I have two more color schemes to paint on the model, the gold hilt of the sword and the strips of cloth that are wrapped around the blade. I have a color scheme for the gold that I have been using on my ogres, so I figure that I should get that done on the model next.

(Note: I forgot my notebook, so I will need to post the color scheme for the gold at a later date.)


Upon completion of this step, I realize that the gold when on something like a weapon, lacks the depth of color that I felt I had when done on the gut plates of my ogres. That said, I plan for the moment to stick with the color scheme for the unit and attempt to improve upon in when I paint the lich. With that plan in mind, I am going to attempt to copy the color scheme used on a model that was recently posted by Unheilig. I really like the range of color used to paint the gold on that model and think it will look good with my armies color scheme. I’ll talk more about this when I get to work on the lich.

Back to the model, with the gold finished for now, I have the leather straps remaining on the model. For them I begin with a coat of charred brown (4:1 charred brown: thinner) and apply two coats using a 00 size brush. Next I mix charred brown and terra earth (3:1:1 charred brown: terra earth: thinner) and apply a coat over ~80% of the model using a 00 size brush. Next, I apply a coat of charred brown and terra earth in a 50/50 mix (2:2:1 charred earth: terra earth: thinner). Next a highlight of charred brown and terra earth in a 25/75 mix (1:3:1 charred brown: terra earth: thinner). Last, a straight highlight of terra earth (4:1 terra earth: thinner, 10/0 size brush).

With the model painted, I apply a few coats of bestial brown to the edge of the base, cleaning up the parts of the base that were wiped off while painting the model. If you have oily skin, like myself (GROSS!), I just give the model a gentle wipe with a hot cloth with a little soap on it. This removes the oil that may have collected on the model while painting it.

Next Time: Serving a unit of skeletons

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  1. I really love the purple on the robes, looks lovely, and the painting in general is of a high quality.